Monday, November 22, 2021

Adding to the TBR #3

Free books

Hello there,

How's your TBR coming along? Is it nearly empty, short, long, or out of control? Gonna be honest, mine's out of control but it doesn't stop me from buying more books that pique my interest. Anyhoo, aside from that, how about some free books to add to your TBR? And who doesn't love a free book or two?

Books are free at the time of putting this post together. Prices of books can change at any time for any reason.
My apologies if any of them are no longer free.

The Accidental Hero by Angel Vane

True Colors by Amy Knupp

A Witch For Mr Holiday by Deanna Chase

Bewitched By The Bluestocking by Jillian Eaton

My Beautiful Neighbor by Piper Rayne

Wrecking Christmas by Liza Jonathan

That's it for today. Do any of these pique your interest? Are you going to one-click on any of them?

Enjoy your reading.

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  1. My TBR pile is massive, but there was once a time that I would pick up just about any book when they were free and I found some fabulous authors that way but these days I don't honestly it just adds to the pile and I sadly won't get to them but always have a look at them :)

    Have Fun


    1. I still pick them up because many times I've found that I've wanted to read a book and found I've already got it when it was on sale or free and that makes me happy. I love a good deal.

  2. I couldn't resist. I picked up a couple.