Monday, March 8, 2021

What Helen Read #57: February 2021

So, a couple of days ago we had our first "big" gathering at our home. We invited some neighbours over to dinner and there were a total of eight of us. It's the biggest we've had since we had Thanksgiving last November with six of us. We are still being cautious but venturing out and startint to do more. I've gotten so used to staying home all the time, I have to admit going out seems strange. But, brave souls that we are, we went to our first big public event yesterday that was still socially distanced. It was for a book launch and talk, and they had chairs set up in groups of one, twos, and threes, for different groups of people to either sit individually or together. Steve and I sat together in a socially distanced group of two. I even got to hug a friend which was totally out there since it's been a year that I've hugged anyone other than Steve.

How are things going in your area? Are you able to go out yet? Or have gatherings? However things are going, I hope you are doing well.

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Crackenback by Lee Christine

Matilda's Wish by Beth Prentice
Matilda's Wish

Snowy Mountains Daughter by Alissa Callen
Snowy Mountains Daughter

The Unworthy Duke by Charlotte Anne
The Unworthy Duke

Secret Billionaire On Her Doorstep by Michelle Douglas
Secret Billionaire On Her Doorstep

Emma by Fiona McArthur

How To Catch A Sinful Marquess
How To Catch A Sinful Marquess

Sargasso by Kathy George

The Greek's Outrageous Marriage Deal by Rachael Thomas
The Greek's Outrageous Marriage Deal

A Week To Remember by Esther Campion
A Week To Remember

First Fate by Kendall Talbot
First Fate

The Sentinet by Jacqueline Hodder
The Sentinel

Everything, Lola by Rania Battany
Everything, Lola

Stolen By The Rogue by Sasha Cottman
Stolen By The Rogue

How To Catch A Devilish Duke by Amy Rose Bennett
How To Catch A Devilish Duke

Escapades Of A Personal Stylist by Leanne Lovegrove
Escapades Of A Personal Stylist

The Valkyrie's Viking by Tanya Nellestein
The Valkyrie's Viking

Farmer Needs A Wife by Ann B Harrison
Farmer Needs A Wife

Helen always has a fabulous reading month. Let's see what stood out for her.

I did have a very good reading month in February, so many great stories and so different how can I choose standouts, but I will try. 😊

Tanya Nellestein took me back many years with her Viking romance, The Valkyrie's Viking. Wow! It is so good.

Alissa Callen has started a new series set in the Snowy Mountains and it is a fabulous start to the series with Snowy Mountains Daughter.

I read and loved a few historicals this month, a debut from Charlotte Anne with The Unworthy Duke. I read the last two in Amy Rose Bennett’s Disreputable Debutantes series, How To Catch A Sinful Marquess and How To Catch A Devilish Duke and I loved them, and Stolen by the Rogue is the start of Sasha Cottman’s news series Rogues of the Road.

Some category romances that made me smile, Michelle Douglas’s Secret Billionaire On Her Doorstep is beautiful, Emma by Fiona McArthur was beautiful as well.

Rania Battany writes powerful romances that are must reads. Everything, Lola was fabulous.

I read a fabulous romantic suspense with Crackenback by Lee Christine. I loved it. She writes a great story.

Matilda's Wish from Beth Prentice was such a laugh of a story and the start of a new series.

I could keep going but I will stop, I do highly recommend them all.

Have fun, Helen.

Well, that's it for what Helen read. What did you think? Did you read the same books? Different books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. Again, so many fabulous books, and my TBR pile never seems to go down LOL

    Have Fun


    1. My TBR is the same. It keeps growing and growing.

  2. So glad Secret Billionaire on her Doorstep made you smile, Helen! I'm really looking forward to reading Crackenback...and I love the cover of Matilda's Wish!

    1. Steve's reading the first book, Charlotte Pass now and is going to read Crackenback after.

    2. Hi Michelle

      Your story was so fabulous :), Matilda's Wish is such a fun story so many laughs and such a fabulous romance it is ne that I really recommend :)

      Have Fun


    3. I am sure Steve will enjoy Charlotte Pass and Crackenback both are fabulous stories :)

      Have Fun