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Review: Starting From Scratch by Penelope Janu #HelenReviews

Starting From Scratch by Penelope Janu

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Starting From Scratch by Penelope Janu blurb

Book review by HelenWOW! Where do I start? Penelope Janu has written a story filled with emotion. There were times I was tearing up and then I would want to yell and then I would be sighing. Sapphie and Matts were friends a long time ago as young children and teenagers and then everything fell apart. Now years later, Matts has arrived in Horseshoe Hill to warn Sapphie and temperatures are heating up. This is a must read.

Sapphie Brown arrived in Horseshoe Hill as a very troubled teenager. The loss of her grandmother and mother and a controlling father have left her a loner. She is now the local school teacher, she is chair of the environment committee and rescues horses and helps with troubled teenagers and the town loves Sapphie and Sapphie loves them. Now a person from her past has arrived and Sapphie’s emotions are thrown into turmoil. Can she learn to trust?

Dr. Matts Laaksonen is Finnish although he grew up around the world and a lot of that time was spent with Sapphire. He cared so much for her. They were the best of friends but life can throw a lot of curve balls in people’s way and this happened with them and no matter how hard he tried to keep in contact with Sapphie, she ignored him. Now he needs to let her know what is happening and he wants to be there to support her as secrets long buried are now being opened up.

Sapphie has been doing really well and now Matts has arrived in town. Her emotions are all over the place. Matts had been everything to her years ago and the last thing she wants is to feel anything for him, but her heart is telling her otherwise. He is caring but alpha in so many ways? Will she be able to overcome the past and look to the future? And Matts, what can I say handsome? He is strong and caring and I loved him. Sapphie was always number one for him. It took some time and lots of tears, but will they come together as they should? Will all the pent up emotions and secrets hold them apart or will they find the love and life they deserve? This is a beautiful story. There is so much to love about it. I loved Sapphie and her flower making and the way she is with colours and the characters from town add so much to the story it was great catching up with them, and I do hope that we get to know more about Hugo and his frogs.

A fabulous story that I highly recommend Ms Janu has brought a lot of environmental issues into this one and it was great learning about the wetlands and water saving.

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  1. I do love a great rural romance and this one is fabulous :)

    Have Fun


    1. I haven't read many rural romance but the few I've read, I've enjoyed.