Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Deanna Read #7: August 2016

I'm a bit afraid to count how many books I read this month. Not many! It's been a very busy month. We are about to go on vacation so there's been a lot of planning, doing stuff for before we go away and doing stuff for the trip. Here's what I read for the month of August. Final tally at the end because I'm afraid to look right now. :-/

Oh hey! Lookee! It was not that bad a month after all. Final count if 13 reads, some shorter than others but hey, I got to double digits this month!!

Stand outs for the month include Body Contact and Full Exposure by Cathryn Fox. Those books were HOT! Crouching Tigress, Horny Dragon by Lexxie Couper was super fun. I'm partial to dragon shifters!! And for a fantastic and super sensual historical, Christina Phillips did fab with her druids and Roman soldiers in Forbidden. Honorable mention also goes to Maddie West for her debut novel Healing Danger. It was an excellent effort for a debut and had me thinking I'd like to read the next one as well.

What did you read for this month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Hi Deanna

    I good list for you I have just sent my list to you I read 14 this month but I was away for nearly 2 weeks which slowed me up but still got them read and loved them :)

    Have Fun

    1. You did well this month. I really need to step up my reading game.

  2. Not bad at all. Those shorter ones can really help during a busy month.

    1. I've been gravitating towards the short books lately. The long ones give me pause since I don't have much time these days.