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Review: Lethal In Love series by Michelle Somers #HelenReviews

I have another review of a serial series for you. This one by the wonderful Helen. Aren't these book covers pretty? And according to Helen, it's a great series too!

Lethal In Love Episode 1 by Michelle Somers Lethal in Love Episode 2 by Michelle Somers Lethal in Love Episode 3 by Michelle Somers

Lethal in Love Episode 4 by Michelle Somers Lethal In Love Episode 5 by Michelle Somers Lethal In Love Episode 6 by Michelle Somers

Lethal In Love by Michelle Somers blurb

DW Team ReviewEpisode 1
Lethal In Love Episode 1 by Michelle SomersWhat a fabulous first instalment this one is. It has been calling to me for a while now and I finally fell into it, and can't wait to read the other instalments.

This one has everything that a romantic suspense should have intrigue, suspense and emotions that are flying off the pages. This one is turning into a page turner. Thank you Ms Somers for great story that I can highly recommend already and I am looking forward to more of Jayda and Seth's story as they track a killer (or two).

Episode 2
Lethal In Love Episode 2 by Michelle SomersI am loving this series. The plot is thickening. Seth and Jayda are fighting the sensual pull between them, especially Jayda as she has so much going on in her life. Despite that together they are doing everything they can to solve and uncover the murderer. I look forward to the next instalment.

Episode 3
Lethal In Love Episode 3 by Michelle SomersI am loving this story. Jayda is really having a hard time at the moment allowing Seth to get close and share information as they search for a killer who appears to be setting their sights on Jayda.

Lots going on in this instalment of the story. This one is a real page turner the suspense, angst and spark between Jayda and Seth is growing in such a good way.

Off to start Episode 4

Episode 4
Lethal In Love Episode 4 by Michelle SomersThis story is starting to unravel in such a good way. Secrets are being revealed and the spark between Seth and Jayda is growing but there is still lots of angst between them. With danger closing in, the suspense is building and I am loving it. On to Episode 5.

Episode 5
Lethal In Love Episode 5 by Michelle SomersWhat can I say? The tension is building. The spark between them is building but the torment is adding to the suspense and journey. Will they get to their HEA safely? This series is so good I need to keep reading as I need to know who the killer is. I must keep turning the pages :-)

Episode 6
Lethal In Love Episode 6 by Michelle somersWell the final episode brought with it tears, cheering, shock and a massive dose of happiness. I couldn’t wait to get to the ending and find out the whys and wherefores that had been growing since starting episode one. With all of the secrets unravelled, it’s good to see Jayda and Seth so happy. Yes, it is a great story.

I loved this series and the final episode was worth every turn of the page.

I loved Jayda. She is such a strong person - a tough detective that has followed in her father's footsteps and is so good at what she does. When her sister is murdered by a serial killer that has returned after 25 years Jayda is taken off the job for a "rest". Although there is a vulnerability about her, she is caring and loving. When she meets up with a reporter while doing some undercover work there is a spark that she cannot explain. She doesn't do relationships but will this change her life forever?

Seth Friedin is a reporter - a good one and he likes investigating his stories. He is after one on the Night Terror who has suddenly returned and started killing virginal woman around Melbourne. He is trying for a new job and is determined to get to the bottom of this story when he meets detective Jayda Thomasz and the sparks will fly in more ways than one when they decide to team up and get the killer. Unfortunately, Seth also has a vulnerability about him, will Jayda be what Seth needs?

I loved this story I must be honest and say that I started reading it when I had all 6 episodes and could read them one after the other. If I had had to wait for each episode to come out I would have been on pins and needles while waiting for the next instalment because this is a romantic suspense. It will have you on the edge of your seat and chewing your nails as the Night Terror brings havoc and death to a lot of people connected to Jayda and waiting to find out why is page turning. Add in the beautiful and sensual romance between Jayda and Seth and in my eyes you have a winner. I highly recommend this one. Congrats Ms Somers this is one for the keeper shelf.

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  1. I did love this series and it is now available as a book woohoo https://www.amazon.com/Lethal-Love-Complete-Michelle-Somers-ebook/dp/B01JHHZ2R2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473106847&sr=8-1&keywords=Michelle+Somers#nav-subnav an here is the link and truly I can highly recommend this one an award winner

    Have Fun

    1. It's great that this is out as a complete story now. I think I need to add it to my list.