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Author Takeover & New Release: Head Over Heels For The Boss (Donovan Brothers #3) by Susan Meier

I would like to welcome Susan Meier to the blog today, author of Head Over Heels For The Boss. Susan is doing a takeover today on the appeal of the boss in a romance. I, personally do love a good boss romance. It makes me feel very nostalgic since the trope hits very close to home for me. Please join me in giving Susana very warm welcome.

Head Over Heels For The Boss

What’s the appeal of the falling for the boss storyline?

For starters…there’s nothing sexier than a young, attractive, ambitious man who is making his mark on the world. And if this guy has made it to the top, albeit as an entrepreneur, executive, CEO, Chairman of the Board…wow. Who wouldn’t want to be with him?

But there’s more to it than that. If this guy has made it to his mid-thirties and is still single, he’s never found his match. He hasn’t met a woman who is his equal. There’s a challenge in that. Readers want to enjoy the fun of watching a strong, smart woman meet that challenge.

At least I do! LOL

Isabelle Cooper gets caught up in both the star-struck pleasure of working for someone as gorgeous and brilliant as Devon Donovan, even as she longs to be the person who could be his equal. She’s an MBA herself, but living in a small town, running the flower shop, she’s never had a chance to prove herself until she’s hired by Donovan, Inc. The rush of excitement of realizing she can use everything she’s learned is almost as exciting as realizing she’s more than catching the boss’s attention.

So, the falling-for-the-boss story type isn’t about snagging a rich guy and living a life of luxury; it’s about being his equal. His mate. The one person in the world, maybe the only person in the world, who can keep up with him. And the reward for that intelligence, grit and sense of humor is a share in the luxury. A share. Beneath the surface of this kind of story is the knowledge that our heroine has enough grit and determination that someday she’d earn all this on her own!

Because women today aren’t interested in finding someone who can take care of them. We’re smart in our own right. We want somebody who’s equally smart, who can recognize our contribution, or maybe even someone who needs our contribution. :-)

That’s what makes Isabelle Cooper’s story so special. She isn’t looking for a man to take care of her. She needs a man as strong and smart as she is, so that together they can create something better than either could have created alone.

And that’s what happens with Isabelle and Devon. HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THE BOSS is fun with lots of the warmth of family, and more than a few bumps along the road to true love. But the whole way through you’ll be rooting for Isabelle not just to prove herself but to show Devon they can overcome his past together.

Happy Reading
Susan Meier

Thank you Susan. I loved what you said about falling for the boss. The idea of that strong, special man finding his equal in a woman is very appealing. Gotta say though, being taken care of now and then has it's appeal too.  :-)

And now a little about the book ...

Head Over Heels For The Boss

Head Over Heels For The Boss
Donovan Brothers #3
By: Susan Meier
Releasing September 14, 2015
Entangled Bliss

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Isabelle Cooper's in big, big trouble. Her flower shop? Well, it was just bought by the man she’s had a crush on forever. Her new boss, Devon Donovan, is a tall glass of melt-in-your-mouth hotness. The problem? Devon is definitely not interested in love. No ifs, ands, or buds about it.

Devon knows Isabelle has been crushing on him since college, but buying her business shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is she his employee, but as the eldest Donovan brother, he’s too busy protecting the family fortune for romance. But tomboy “Izzy” is all grown up now. And he’s finding it impossible to resist her, no matter how hard he tries...


Set up…Devon is sitting with his family at the wedding of a friend from town. A local woman has been chatting him up, then Isabelle enters…

    He started to say, “I have a lot of work—” just as Izzy walked in the front door, and his mouth fell open. Her hair had been swept up on one side, pinned back by a pink flower. Nothing too big. Just the right size to look kind of sexy. His gaze skimmed down over a pink sparkly dress that stopped mid-thigh—and she had the legs for it. Now, not only was he dealing with the fact that she wasn’t a kid anymore, he was seeing her as a gorgeous, sexy woman. It was as if someone had waved a magic wand and she’d changed overnight.
    Mary Louise stiffened. “Oh, look, it’s Izzy.”
    Devon said, “Belle.”
    “Excuse me?”
    “She likes to be called Belle.”
    Mary Louise shot him a look of confusion.
    Ellie said, “She works for us now.”
    Piper said, “Yeah, and that extra seat is for her.”
    Mary Louise glanced at Devon. He raised his hands helplessly, though he was abundantly glad he wouldn’t have to sit by her.
    Always polite, Mary Louise said, “Well, it was nice to see you.” She took a slow breath and renewed her smile as she glanced at his brothers and their wives, his mom and Bob. “It was nice to see all of you.”
    As she walked away, he glanced at the front of the hall and saw Isabelle again. She greeted the bride and groom, signed the guest book and walked over to their table. Her shiny pink dress shimmered as she walked. Her legs were works of art.
    “Hi, everybody.”
    Cade, Finn and Bob rose. It took a second for Devon to get his bearings, then he scrambled to his feet. He couldn’t believe he was so shell-shocked that he forgot his manners.
    “Hey, Izzy.”
    She met his gaze with a soft smile. “It’s Belle, remember?”
    He swallowed. Hadn’t he just corrected Mary Louise? Why was his mind suddenly a big, empty hole? “Right. Belle.”
    “We have an extra seat,” Ellie said, pointing to the empty chair beside him. “Why don’t you join us?”
    His mom said, “Yes, Izzy. Join us.”
    He noticed that she didn’t correct his mom about the name, but somehow that only made her request that he call her Belle hotter.     Like a pet name. Or a term of endearment you’d have for a lover.
    No! What the hell was happening to his brain? Yes, he took lovers. He had affairs. But Isabelle Cooper—cute little green-thumbed tomboy Izzy—was not the kind of girl to be somebody’s lover.
    She smiled that pretty smile again and all the blood in Devon’s body whooshed through him. Resisting the urge to drop his head to his hands, he reminded himself that it might take a bit of work, but he would control himself.
    Isabelle said, “Thanks. I think I will join you.” She walked around the table to the empty chair beside him.
    Remembering his manners, he pulled the chair out for her. Even the way she sat was pretty. Delicate. Sensual. He’d have never in a million years expected this from the girl who usually dressed like a farmer. But she was no farmer tonight. She wasn’t even an office worker. She was just a beautiful woman.
    He tugged his collar away from his throat, took a breath and sat beside her.

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Author Info

jsA one-time legal secretaryand director of a charitable foundation, Susan Meier found her own personal‘bliss’ when she became a full-time novelist. She’s visited ski lodges andcandy factories for “research” and works in her pajamas.
But the real joy of her jobis creating stories about women for women. In her sixty published novels, she’stackled issues like infertility, losing a child and becoming widowed. Herfavorite stories are those that inspire laughter through tears.
Susan lives in westernPennsylvania with her own hero, their son and fabulous feline, SophiaMaria Lolita Conchita Chiquita Banana.

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