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Review: Soul Keeper by Natalie Dae

Book coverSoul Keeper by Natalie Dae
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Meeting your man online can be the best thing you’ve ever done…

Carrie Marsh and Rob Edwards have been speaking to one another over the Internet for two years. The time has come to cement their love and meet. Carrie waits for Rob’s train, excitement spiraling through her, for she has planned a night to remember. Rob is shy, and Carrie intends to show him how to unleash his sexy side during a series of sexual encounters—the first one up against a tree where anyone could spot their antics…

Publisher's Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

It took me a while to read through this short story even though it had nothing to do with the quality of the writing, which as always from Natalie Dae, is great. The reason for it is I wanted to take my time and savor it. I read each scene as a snippet and set it down after I enjoyed it. going back to it each time I wanted something short, sexy and satisfying to read, particularly when I was short on time.

When I read the blurb for this story, I was expecting lots of sexy times with Carrie and Rob bopping like rabbits throughtout. Instead, this is a very sweet story (with lots of sexy times!). For such a short story, Ms Dae was able to convey all the hopes and dreams of a woman who has fallen in love with a man she had never met and wanted to build a future with. She showed us the uncertainty of falling in love in today's modern age, through email and the internet, the modern day correspondence medium.

With Carrie and Rob, their relationship builds over two years, with Carrie learning to trust and love a man again, Rob being the man to teach her that not all men are scum.
It's a sweet, sweet moment when Carried and Rob meet for the first time. Sexy as all get out when they explore each other physically and find out they are compatible in bed. Emotionally satisfying when they call each other their "soul keeper" and decided to build a future together.

Ms Dae was able to make their attraction and interactions plausible in the short time they are together by building a wonderful back story for them both.  The happy ever after is even plausible because of that back story. Very well executed, Ms Dae. Thank you for such a sweet and sexy read.

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auNatalie Dae writes erotic romance; sometimes paranormal, sometimes fantasy, and sometimes everything else! She lives in a quiet village in England with her husband, children, and three cats. In her spare time she reads, reads, reads. Oh, and cleans house–a terrible obsession.

Natalie is a multi-published author in several genres under other pen names.

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