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Review: Darkness on Fire (Paladins of Darkness #9) by Alexis Morgan

Book coverDarkness on Fire (Paladins of Darkness #9) by Alexis Morgan
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An original eBook, this final installment in the sexy paranormal romance series features the Paladins, immortal warriors who willingly die repeatedly in an eternal battle to protect humanity—and the women they love.

When Kalith geologist Jora b'Larth notices strange seismic activity occurring around the underground energy barrier in Yellowstone National Park, she realizes someone otherworldly has been siphoning off energy. Keeping her identity under wraps, she reaches out to the enemy Paladins for help. When Paladin Penn Sebastian shows up, ready to investigate her allegations, Jora is unexpectedly attracted by his handsome face and intense blue eyes. And as they work together to solve the rift between their two worlds, something surprising happens: the two sworn enemies begin to fall in love.

I took a long time to get to reading book because I knew it was the last book in the series and I had a hard time letting go. In my head, it seemed to make sense that if I hadn't read the last book, it would mean it had not ended. Fortunately, Alexis Morgan recently released a short novella #9.5 in the series revisiting my beloved Paladins and I thought it was time to pick up the book. I'm glad I did.

I've always had a soft spot for Penn. He's so broken and battered but steadfast at the same time. He could have slunk off after his injury and left the Paladin world behind, instead he chose to serve in another way and even trained to fight with his non-dominant hand in order to be of use again. Penn is like all the other Paladins we have read in the series, strong, loyal, honorable. All the things a girl loves in a guy. Even though he's not on active duty, he's managed to stay fit and in shape. At the beginning of the story, Penn is feeling sorry for himself and feeling like he is living a half life. I love the fact that with Jora, he's found a mate and also a person who makes him feel whole again, that he doesn't need his sword arm to have something to offer.

I thought Jora was adorable. Wary and skittish to begin with, but also smart and brave. I loved the way Penn described her. Not like the other Kalith warrior woman he knew but that she was "nice". I thought that was so cute. She had a sense of right and wrong which made her reach out to the Paladins for help even though at the end of it, she was the one who does the fixing. I liked that Jora knew what she wanted and went for it, especially when Penn balked, she didn't let him run off but went after him.
This story moved quickly for me. I was surprised when it ended as I didn't realise it was novella length rather than a full length novel. Even so, with Ms Morgan's style of writing and her pacing, I ate up the words very rapidly. I was sorry when it ended. I'm glad I have Emmett's story up next.

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authorAlexis Morgan grew up near St. Louis and received a B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She and her husband have made the Pacific Northwest their home for more than thirty years, where she launched her career as a writer. She is published in paranormal romance, fantasy romance, American West historicals, and most recently, contemporary romances with her new Snowberry Creek series.

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