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New Release: Victory Lane (Shady Falls #1) by Shelly Davis


Victory Lane
Shady Falls #1
By: Shelly Davis
Releasing September 22, 2015
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Toni Rizzo has done everything she can to escape a past full of cruelty and pain. With the help of her father, her closest friends and family, she becomes stronger but she can never truly move on. The strength she does find allows her to pursue her dreams – to be a mechanical engineer on a race team. But the team she is assigned to, could be trouble. Her childhood crush on the famous driver and her inability to get beyond her past could destroy her dreams.

Julius Fuller is used to having whatever he wants. Whether it’s in the driver’s seat or with women, he’s never denied. Since the one woman who was supposed to love him destroyed his world, Julius doesn’t let anyone in. The only people Julius cares about are his family and his team. He knew there was a woman interning with his crew chief, but when he sees her for the first time he’s dumbstruck. She’s beautiful and when pushed, she’s fierce. His instant attraction to her unnerves him.

Two people traumatized by past events, each has the ability to help or ruin the other. Toni wants things she never thought she deserved. Julius sees a future beyond racing for the first time in years. But Julius knows Toni’s hiding a big secret.

When Julius reaches the finish line, will Toni be there?



Holy fuckin’ hell. She’s gorgeous. I knew she was pretty. I also knew she had a hot ass body just from seeing her in jeans and t-shirts, but that dress … Damn … that dress hugged every single curve, showed every single muscle. She was in flawless shape and the dress accentuated her form perfectly. She towered over my much shorter sister in her heels, and those heels made her legs look a mile long. Fuckin’ hell, I’m screwed.

She stood there quietly, shying away from Ky’s compliment. Damn, she can’t be this fucking striking and modest at the same time. It wasn’t possible. I’ve never met a single woman who was both. Anna knew she was pretty and she loved to wear things to make me, and every other man, look at her and she was never modest about showing herself. Toni was totally different. She had to be one of the most gorgeous women that I’d ever seen and she didn’t even seem to know it. That quality made her even more dangerous. Instead of enjoying the compliment like most women would, she seemed embarrassed by Kyle’s praise. She was so damn modest; she couldn’t even look people in the eye when they gave her a compliment.

Standing there looking at this awe-inspiring creature, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep my hands off her. But, the reality was, I couldn’t see myself blindly using her as I did so many others. I’d numbly gone through the last five years of my life fucking random women that I never had to see again, never feeling anything. Then in one meeting, this girl made me question everything. I wanted to feel her flesh in my hands, her hair running through my fingers, my body meshed as one with hers. I wanted to feel her as I haven’t felt another woman for years. She was here to stay and according to Kyle, we needed her. The problem was my body was feeling a need for her too.

“What do you think, Jules?” Margie asked, pulling me from my thoughts. Then I realized I had been standing there staring at Toni the entire time without saying a word.

“I think Ky and I are pretty lucky to have the two most beautiful women in Daytona with us tonight,” I said. Toni glanced up through her eyelashes and her golden brown eyes seemed to shine as they met mine for just a moment before she looked back down again. A faint blush crept across her cheeks, giving her a natural glow that made her even prettier. Damn, I’m in fuckin’ trouble with this woman.



Author Info

Shelly Davis is a writer and teacher in Western Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she is the oldest of six children. Shelly attended California University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor’s of arts in education. She loves teaching and working with children. When she was nineteen she was bartending when a guy she’d noticed several times before came in with friends. Before he left for the night, he asked her out and the rest is history. Twenty years later, they have four children. Shelly loves 80s movies, history and crime TV shows, and auto racing. She has a hidden love for working on and rebuilding old cars.

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