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Review: Sold to the Dragons by Amira Rain

Book coverSold to the Dragons by Amira Rain
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In a dystopian future, fertile women are so hard to come by that they are now bought and sold for huge sums of money across the world. You could say that women are the new currency.

Curvy Kira Southerly is one of the few remaining fertile women left on the planet and she has resigned herself to the fate of being SOLD.

However, she had no idea she would end up being sold to two young and handsome bachelors named Blake and Steven. They are both dragon shifters and they are intent on mating with her and producing a baby as soon as possible.

With not enough fertile women to go around the brothers have no choice but to share the curvy beauty among themselves. Something that allows Kira to fulfill her every sexual fantasy....

Being sold to dragons should not be this much fun, should it?

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Disclaimer: This is a COMPLETE paranormal dragon shifter romance novel, No cliffhangers! Also, contains scenes of a sexual nature and shifter menage a trois. 18+

This is once again an audiobook listen/read for me. The narrator for this audiobook is Meghan Kelly and while her voice was pleasant enough to listen to, her pacing is terrible. She was reading so fast that I felt I was racing through the book rather than listening to it. Imagine someone talking really, really fast to you because they were in a hurry to get what they had to say out as fast as possible, or try listening to someone speaking normally but turn it up to 1.5x speed. It's like that. Her male voices were decent when she deepened her voice but for some reason, she made the two heroes sound like muscle-bound, smirky Neanderthals. This is my third audiobook and I've yet to find a narrator that I really like.

Amira Rain has created a world with an interesting premise and a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it all falls short. The world itself, post apocalyptic, women becoming increasingly infertile so fertile women were sold at auction to the highest bidder to help families survive is very intriguing. Then she gets lazy and makes the town of where Kira's taken to exactly like any large modern day city with all it's amenities and technologies. It's also too bad her characters are dull and one dimensional.

Let's start with Kira. Someone save me from stupid heroines. Someone save me even more from stupid, slutty, nympho heroines who feel like they have something to prove. Kira goes from "Oh, I don't think I could have sex with just anyone who buys me" to all she can think of is sex. When she's not thinking about sex, she's talking about having sex, then she's having sex, and thinking about having more sex. After that, she wants even more sex and she wants sex with both the brothers she has been bought for together, repeatedly and when she doesn't get the sex for one night, she gets frustrated and sulks. Then something goes wrong and she decides to withhold sex from her partners because, hello! she has something to prove and no sex until she proves herself, although that little stunt doesn't last very long.

Since we're on the topic of sex, let's talk about the sex itself. It's clinical and unsexy. Insert tab A into slot B. Repeat. Furniture assembly instructions are more arousing than Ms Rain's attempts at writing sex. I get this is an erotic romance, so there will be lots of sex but for goodness sakes, at least make your sex worth reading.

The brothers Blake and Stephen had so much potential and let's face it, I was predisposed to like this book because ... dragon shifters! But no. It was not to happen. The brothers are walking clichés. One dark and broody, the other smiley and jokey. Sadly, the narrator didn't help either, so they just came across sounding clichéd and spouting things out of their mouth that made me think, no man in their right mind would say that shite. That sounds like something a woman would want to hear a man say, rather than something a man would say. Yes, I get that I'm reading romance and a lot of it is fantasy, but at least make your dialogue believable, Ms Rain!

I also wonder if Ms Rain realises how ridiculous Kira actually is when she and her maid decide that they want an adventure and try to convince the men to take them along for a hostage rescue mission so that they could have a little excitement in their lives. Seriously? Ever seen any Navy SEALs take their girlfriends on a mission? Again, spare me from idiotic heroines. Yes, I know it makes me sound like a heroine hater, and I promise you, I'm not, but the Too Stupid To Live heroine is very passé. At least give me a heroine worth reading and liking instead of one I want to strangle.

Yes, I made it through the whole darned book. It's an audiobook and I've said it before, when it comes to an audiobook, I'm a captive audience. I will get to the end of it and just grumble in frustration through most of the way, but it's moderately entertaining and occupies my mind while I'm on the cross trainer and while I'm driving.

Would I recommend this book? No, and it saddens me to say no especially because ... you know ... dragon shifters.

I do have another audiobook of another one of Ms Rain's books. I will get through that as well, I expect, since it's an audiobook and I drive. I'm not holding out high hopes though. It will be something else to laugh and grumble about.

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