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A visit with Helene from The Vicomte's Prize by Patricia Bates

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A visit with Helene from The Vicomte's Prize*...

Helene: Bonjour, my name is Helene, and I used to be Her Majesty the Queen’s loyal servant. I say used to be, because I was given - well, my contract was gifted to the man whom I now call husband. It was a most trying time for me. But I am aware you’ve prepared some questions. S’il te plait, feel free to ask away.

Patricia: Merci, Helene, so glad you could take the time out to join me today. How is your daughter?

Helene: She’s well, playing with her younger brother and cousin at the moment.

Patricia: *laughs softly* Then let's jump into it before they notice you’ve slipped away.

*Clears throat* Helene, you mentioned you were a lady in waiting to the queen but that wasn’t your only purpose for being in court was it?

Helene: Goodness, no. Before my contract was handed to my beloved husband, Frederique, I was in court to serve the queen...and our interests. I gathered information for others who would ensure those in power had the details to sway the tides of war. My loyalty was to my country and having been given to Frederique it threw my purpose into question.


Patricia: There is more to it than that… you were the Sparrow, weren’t you?

Helene: *Chuckling* Oui, I was. Had the king not interfered, I’d have met Frederique during the course of my shadowy enterprise. He was a spy - now neither of us worries over it. We favor our lives we’ve built without children and with his sister and her family. I’ve received word from a friend in court that things have settled - well as much as one can expect where debauchery and fashion dictate the actions of those before the king.

Patricia: Can you tell me, and our guests how you feel about your new life? There is a great deal of difference when you consider your husband has ties to France and England. Does it bother you?

Helene: *giggles and waves aside the question* Bother me? Goodness, no. The rest of my countrymen may be at odds but I don’t care. I’m actually glad for it. It kept my Frederique safe when the king learned the truth. I would not hesitate to say I embraced his ties. As has his sister and her family.

Patricia: You haven’t mentioned any names, is there a reason for that?

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Helene: Of course there is. I took the time to speak with you, but out of respect and devotion to my family I will refrain from mentioning them. I love them dearly and would not risk their well being.

Patricia: I can certainly respect that. Frederique, is he around or…?

Helene: Frederique is away on business. He insists it is important to keep up with our responsibilities to the family business. I am mistress of the house and keep my family close.
*Helene pauses - a cry from beyond the door* I beg your pardon, it sounds as though my son has need of me. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll have one of the servants show you out.

* The book is going to be retitled and re-released. It is currently The Viscount's Prize and will re-release on August 30th as The Vicomte's Prize. Link is to current book.

The Vicomte's Prize coming soon

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