Monday, August 2, 2021

What Deanna Read #66: July 2021

Hellooooooo!!! Where did July go???

Okay, we are in the countdown to the second half of the year and well and truly in it now. Are you ready for it? What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

On our part, not much. Our state has an outbreak right now and a large part of the city and suburbans areas are in pretty serious lockdown. In the country region where we life, high restrictions but no lockdown. Masks mandatory everywhere inside and outside. We are doing our bit and staying home except for going out for essentials being grocieries and food, and doctor's appointments. This is not so bad for us since we are super duper introverts and have worked from home for the last seven years or so. Being home is fine for us, but my heart goes out to those people who are strugglings and their jobs are affected. Enough of that gloom. Moving on...

Here's what I read for the month.

Firefighter Pegasus by Zoe Chant
Firefighter Pegasus

Firefighter Dragon by Zoe Chant
Firefighter Dragon

Firefighter Griffin by Zoe Chant
Firefighter Griffin

First Mission by Zoe Chant
First Mission

Taking The Belle by Abby Knox
Taking The Belle

Unwritten by Kathryn Moon

The Mountain Man's Temptation by Felicity Raine
The Mountain Man's Temptation

The Loner's Obsession
The Loner's Obsession

Conquering His Heart by Cameron Hart
Conquering His Heart

The Money Man by Nancy Herkness
The Money Man

Let's Talk Love by Lizabeth Scott
Let's Talk Love

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound

The Chosen by Thea Harrison
The Chosen

Omega's Oath by Maddie Wade
Omega's Oath

Hacking Mr CEO by Anna Hackett
Hacking Mr CEO

Gray Back Bad Bear by TS Joyce
Gray Back Bad Bear

Gray Back Alpha Bear by TS Joyce
Gray Back Alpha Bear

Officer Max by Abby Knox
Officer Max

The Alpha Awakens by Anna Fury
The Alpha Awakens

When She Purrs by Ruby Dixon
When She Purrs

When She's Ready by Ruby Dixon
When She's Ready

When She's Married by Ruby Dixon
When She's Married

Link'D Up by Harley Stone
Link'd Up

How It Will Be by TS Joyce
How It Will Be

One More Day by Auryn Hadley
One More Day

War and Roses by Kat Baxter
War And Roses

One Night With The Wolf by Anna Hackett
One Night With The Wolf

Treasure Of The FIre Kingdom by Cassandra Gannon
Treasure Of The Fire Kingdom

His Clever Kitten by Mink
His Clever Kitten

Christmas Heat by Hannah Haze
Christmas Heat

Online Heat by Hannah Haze
Online Heat

Cave Men by Frankie Love
Cave Men

This month compensated for the very average month last month. I've had some fantastic reads and found a new-to-me favorite author. Hooray!!

First off, One More Day by Auryn Hadley. What a beautiful story!! It's heartfelt and moving and shines a light on cancer sufferers and the people who support them. Beautiful story with beautiful people. Run and get it.

I dived into the middle of a series based on a recommendation and read Treasure Of The Fire Kingdom by Cassandra Gannon. Such a fun story with a grumpy hero who looks like a monster and a sunshiney heroine who thinks he's the most handsome creature there is. There's hijjinks and shenanigans and it was so much fun. I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading the book.

Two fabulous TS Joyce reads this month with How It Will Be and Gray Back Alpha Bear. As always, Ms Joyce brings wonderful stories with beautiful characters filled with heart and emotion. She's got a lifelong fan in me.

Another new discovery this month after I got sucked in reading an excerpt from an ad. What a fun little excerpt but boy, the story packed a punch. It was filled with intensity and heat and heart. Man, it had me gasping. I should probably tell you who or what I'm referring to. It's Firefighter Griffin by Zoe Chant. I started on book three and have gone back to start from the beginning and have binged the series. If you enjoy shifter romance, this is another author I would highly recommend. It's right up there with my love of TS Joyce.
That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. Yes, August already. Unbelievable. I'm just sick of all the stop/start on going out etc. Put on do much weight in the last year or so, as have many of my friends. And I'm desperate to gey back to Benidorm. Plus a friend of over 50 years died in July too.
    A fairly good month with some non Romance reading. I do like a bit of Nordic Noir.

    1 When I Found You by Brenda Novak. Silver Springs #8

    2 Alien Warrior's Treasure by Sue Mercury. Vaxxlian Matchmakers #1

    3 The Darkness Knows by Arnaldur Indridason

    4 The Nanny and the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips and Bex McLynn. Treasured by the Alien #5

    5 This is the BBC Holmes Service by John Holmes. Autobiography of a personal friend

    6 Murder at Sunrise Lake by Christine Feehan

    7 Winner takes All by Susan Hayes. The Drift #11

    8 Kneel Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher

    9 Pride and Pegging by Isabelle Arden

    10 Sin Variant - 3 by Sandra R Neeley. A Dark Genetic Manipulation Romance #3

    11 My Lady's Lover by Nicola Davidson. Surrey Sexual Freedom Society #1

    12 Rules of Play by Lane Hayes. Script Club #2

    13 The Ultimate Pi Day Party by Jackie Lau. Baldwin Village #1

    14 Perils of a Papillon by Tara Lain. Fuzzy Love Romance #3

    15 The Doll by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Freja and Huldar #5

    16 Hacking Mr CEO by Anna Hackett. Billionaire Heists #3

    113.17 Billionaire Heists bonus short by Anna Hackett. Loved this final installment

    1. You had a good month. And wasn't the billionaire series by Anna Hackett fantastic? I loved every book, and the extra bonus epilogue was awesome.

  2. Time is going way too fast and I have no plans for the rest of the year just hoping that we can come out of this lockdown soon :)

    Great reading month Deanna, always good when you love the stories you read

    Have Fun


    1. Yes, definitely a good month which I'm much happier about compared to the previous month.