Monday, August 9, 2021

What Helen Read #62: July 2021

As I write this, we are in day 3 of lockdown in our region. It's alarming what's going on with so many new hotspots popping up, slow release of information with contacts with covid positive people, and so many more new cases each day. To be fair, I knew it was a matter of time before the virulent delta variant reached our area with so many people still out and about despite strict lockdown rules. When our area went into restrictions, Steve and I made a conscious decision to stop going out aside from essentials which is grocery shopping, picking up prescription medicine, and doctor appointments. We stopped our weekly pub lunch about six or eight weeks ago when it all started. I can't even predict if there will be an end in sight, and with the increase in cases in our region, I'm pretty sure our one week lockdown will be extended. I guess I'll be reading a lot more while home.

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Nancy Business bt RWR McDonald
Nancy Business (Amazon AU)

The Night That Changed Everything by Helen Lacey
The Night That Changed Everything

The Other Side Of Beautiful by Kim Lock
The Other Side of Beautiful (Amazon AU)

A Matter Of Trust by Fiona Marsden
A Matter Of Trust

The Missing Girl by Kerry McGinnis
The Missing Girl

One Wicked Wish by Anna Campbell
One Wicked Wish

Blazing Fear by Leisl Leighton
Blazing Fear

The Road Trip by Beth O'Leary
The Road Trip

The Count's Saving Grace by Trish Morey
The Count's Saving Grace

Secrets My Father Kept by Rachel Givney
Secrets My Father Kept (Amazon AU)

The Forever Place by Michelle Montebello
The Forever Place

The Man Ban by Nicola Marsh
The Man Ban

Off-Limits To The Crown Prince by Kali Anthony
Off-Limits To The Crown Prince

The Lost Girl Of Berlin by Ella Carey
The Lost Girl Of Berlin

The Last of Apple Blossom by Mary-Lou Stephens
The Last Of The Ap[ple Blossom

The Valkyrie's Rule by Tanya Nellestein
The Valkyrie's Rule

Thursdays At Orange Blossom House by Sophie Green
Thursdays At Orange Blossom House

Meet Me In Bendigo by Eva Scott
Meet Me In Bendigo

House of Hearts by Amber Jakeman
House Of Hearts

Helen always has a fabulous reading month. Let's see what stood out for her.

Another fabulous month. Honestly, it is so hard to choose standouts, but I will do my best to keep it short. 😊

Michelle Montebello has released another book, The Forever Place, that was not put downable. It is a beautiful story.

The Man Ban from Nicola Marsh is such a fun romance lots of sensual fun and lots of good food.

Two historicals both from favourite authors. Ella Carey’s The Lost Girl Of Berlin and Anna Campbell’s One Wicked Wish were both fantastic.

Kalie Anthony didn’t disappoint with her new book Off-Limits To The Crown Prince. I do love a royal story.

Huge congrats to Mary-Lou Stephens for the debut of The Last Of The Ap[ple Blossom and Eva Scott for Meet Me In Bendigo and Sophie Green for Thursdays At Orange Blossom House. All three are must reads.

I have to mention The Other Side of Beautiful by Kim Lock. This is a fabulous story with a new-to-me author but one I highly recommend.

I will stop there but truly all the books were great reads and being in lockdown I am very lucky to have so many fabulous books to read.

Have fun, Helen.

Well, that's it for what Helen read. What did you think? Did you read the same books? Different books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. Another month of fabulous reads to keep me smiling, we are blessed to have so many authors especially in these trying times and I thank them :)

    Stay safe everyone

    have Fun


    1. Oh yes, definitely glad to have plenty of books to read while in lockdown. You stay safe too.