Thursday, August 5, 2021

Book quotes #9: August 2021

Passion led us here

Time for some more book quotes. Tell me, do you highlight passages in the books you read? Passages that move you, hit you, make you laugh? I love that feature in my Kindle app, being able to highlight stuff that strike me as I'm reading. I don't highlight in every book but I do with most books. Those passages are so fun to look back upon.

Book quote Melanie Moreland

Finding Ronan's Heart (Vested Interest: ABC Corp #2)  by Melanie Moreland

Hugs are the best. That is all.

Book quote Zeta Star

Grr! by Zeta Star

I'm not sure that I want a beach body enough to want to be abducted by aliens. It's fun to read but I think it would be rather harrowing in real life.

Book quote TS Joyce

How It's Supposed To Be (Oath of Bane #1) by TS Joyce

This is excellent advice. Live for yourself.

Book quote Cameron Hart

Igniting Their Hearts (Men of Blackthorne Mountain #2) by Cameron Hart

I know we are taught to be strong, independent women from a young age and women today are fully capable of looking after themselves. But call me old fashioned, I like having someone to lean on when I'm tired or I can't be strong, and I like having someone to look after me when I need it.

Book quote Anna Hackett

Levi (Hell Squad #15) by Anna Hackett

Love is war. Truer words have never been spoken. Gird your loins and get ready for battle!!!

Book quote Julie Rowe

Trapped With The Secret Agent (Trapped With Him #1) by Julie Rowe

Ah, men and their stubborn place. They all have them, don't they? But then, so do us women. This one gave me a giggle because I was imagining the look on his face as he decided to dig in.

Book quotes

So that's it from me on the quotes. I hope you've enjoyed them and got a little peek into how my brain works while I'm reading. If you've got a particular book quote that you love, do share them with me. I've love to know what stays with you and stands out for you while you're reading.

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