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Manview: His Shy Cinderella by Kate Hardy

Welcome to another Manview. For those of you who are new to Manviews, these are reviews of romance novels specifically from a man's perspective, the reader today is my very own Steve. You can find previous Manviews here.

His Shy Cinderella by Kate Hardy

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His Shy Cinderella by Kate Hardy blurb

ManviewWhat was your overall opinion of the book?

I felt this was a classic romance novel following the romance formula perfectly. With many other romance novels, keeping to the formula ruins the storyline, but this was an exception to that. The pacing was perfect, the dark moment of angst between the hero and heroine was minimized, and the love between Brandon and Angel play out perfectly.

Was there anything you particularly liked about the book?

Yes. I thought the corporate overlay and idea of both Angel and Brandon running automobile companies was done well. They treated each other as respected, yet untrusting competitors, and through developing a personal relationship, also developed a business relationship as partners instead of competitors. The story arc to make this happen was realistic and very well done. I also loved how sensitive and caring Brandon was to Angel’s needs and challenges from being deaf in one ear.
I also loved that Brandon, who was a true lady’s man and a most eligible bachelor, saw in Angel the characteristics he sought in a long-term relationship, even though he did not realize it at the time. And he followed his heart, even though he was confused by why Angel was kicking his hormones into high gear!

Was there anything you did not like about the book?

Only that it proved me wrong in that a great romance storyline can fit the romance formula perfectly and still be a great story!

What did you think of the long-lasting family feud between Angel and Brandon’s family and how it impacted their relationship?

The family feud that went on for three generations certainly makes it challenging for Angel and Brandon to trust each other, and this tension added to the intrigue of them being able to fall in love. And of course, there were other family members involved who made it even more challenging! However, as the current leaders of their respective companies, they both were strong enough as leaders and as people trusting their romantic interests to not let the previous generations dictate the outcome.

What did you think of Brandon and Angel?

I like both a lot. Both had flaws, but flaws they were aware of and dealt with well. The were both strong people and able to overcome the family feud and also overcome being competitors to build a stronger joint automobile company and a stronger relationship. I loved Brandon’s caring and treatment of Angel as his girlfriend and then-lover and let Angel call the shots, and I love how Angel trusted and was the one who initiated their first sexual encounter. Up until that point, the few kisses they had were electrifying to both.

Any other thoughts on the book?

I loved reading an intriguing corporate storyline and witnessing the negotiations of the two parties and how both Brandon and Angel did what was right for their companies and right for each other. I also thought the sub-plot of Angel being deaf in one ear and how that wove into and strengthened the story was well done. This story arc worked!

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  1. A lovely review Steve, I really enjoy Kate's stories they are filled with emotion :)

    have Fun