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Review: My Big Fat Vegas Wedding by Lori Sizemore #HelenReviews

My Fat Vegas Wedding by Lori Sizemore

My Big Fat Vegas Wedding by Lori Sizemore
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My Big Fat Vegas Wedding by Lori Sizemore blurb

Book review by HelenThis book ticks a couple of boxes for me, Cinderella trope - I love them, 1950’s era - fabulous, and this is the second book in this series, and I am enjoying them a lot. Ms Sizemore has taken me back to the 50’s with Vegas mobs. I did love visiting Las Vegas, so it was a story that had me turning the pages and feeling close to the characters as they journey to their HEA.

Grace Winters is a struggling, single, widowed mum. She is working in a diner and not quite keeping her head above water. She has been through a lot in the past with her first husband getting caught up with the mobs and gambling, but she is one strong and stubborn female, so when a gorgeous man walks into the diner, and there is an instant attraction, and he ends up making her an offer that is too hard to ignore. Grace is going to have a few changes in her life.

Dominic Rosas grew up in Vegas. He had a brother and sister (whom we met in book #1) but made a new life for himself in New York, and when his parents do something shocking to his sister, Dominic sets out on a course of revenge. To do so, he needs a wife and family and to move back to Vegas. This is where the beautiful waitress at the diner helps him out, but he never thinks that she will win his heart and change his life forever.

I loved the connection between Dominic and Grace, and the strength that Grace showed with how she stood up to Dominic and the mob. I was cheering her on and Dominic when he lost his heart and saw the truth in what Grace was saying. It just had me sighing with happiness. I am enjoying this series and for a quick, very satisfying and enjoyable read, this is a book to pick up.

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  1. I am really enjoying this series love the 1950's :)

    Have Fun


    1. They scream vintage to me. I might need to add them to my list.