Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: Mia's Books by Tabitha Rayne

Mia's BooksMia's Books by Tabitha Rayne
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Ghost lover or mortal—can Mia have both?
Mia has a big problem. She is in love with two people, and one of them happens to be a ghost. After a late night seduction in a deserted library, Mia brings home a haunted book. The book contains a ghost which instructs her to seduce strangers on its behalf. Mia falls in love with one of her conquests and finds herself in a romantic tangle. Can she keep both her lovers, or will she have to choose?
Content Warning: graphic sexual content, including m/f and f/f sexual interaction
This story is about Mia and the fact that she suffers from chronic insomnia. While looking for a (sexy) way to alleviate her insomnia, she comes across a rather unique book that takes her on an exciting, if different, sexual journey. Along the way she meets Anton whom she falls for and has a passing moment with Selena, all the while being directed by her "book", which is actually haunted by a ghost. As she falls for both her very real human lover and her ghostly lover, Mia is torn between having to choose between them, in case Anton is not able to accept the paranormal nature of her other relationship.

Right from the start, this story launches in to an action packed raunchy, sex-filled ride. If you like your sex hard, hot and dirty, and lots of it, then this book is for you. There is sex oozing out of just about every line in the story and you get saturated with it. This book needs to come with sort sort of heat warning, but I guess the "graphic sexual content" in the blurb should be an indication. :-)

There's very little superfluous writing in this book. It launches into the sexy times and then just takes you for a ride all the way through to the happy ending. It's short, sharp and shiny, and plenty sexy.

All that said, I confess that I struggled with this book because there was so much sex. I like my sexy stories to have a lot more plot and a lot more emotional depth, and even though this story did have a happy ending, I felt that I wanted to see more into the characters and get to know them rather than just reading about them going from one sexcapade to another.

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