Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Teaser: Sold to the Dragons by Amira Rain

Welcome to another Tuesday Teaser. Perhaps after doing this a few more times, I'll quit with the welcome, but it's always nice to feel welcome, doesn't it?

For today's edition, I'm offering up Sold to the Dragons by Amira Rain. This is both a new-to-me book and author. The reason I was attracted to this? ... C'mon? Have you not heard me waxing lyrical about dragons yet? I've talked about it here and here. And this time .... this time there are TWO dragons!! The more, the merrier, yes? :-)

At the time of writing this post, this book is doing extremely well in the Amazon charts. See for yourself. So it's got to be pretty good too, yes?

TuesdayTitle: Sold to the Dragons
Author: Amira Rain
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Publish date: 14 January 2015
Length: 193 pages
Genre: Paranormal romance
Purchase link: Amazon

In a dystopian future, fertile women are so hard to come by that they are now bought and sold for huge sums of money across the world. You could say that women are the new currency.

Curvy Kira Southerly is one of the few remaining fertile women left on the planet and she has resigned herself to the fate of being SOLD.

However, she had no idea she would end up being sold to two young and handsome bachelors named Blake and Steven. They are both dragon shifters and they are intent on mating with her and producing a baby as soon as possible.

With not enough fertile women to go around the brothers have no choice but to share the curvy beauty among themselves. Something that allows Kira to fulfill her every sexual fantasy....

Being sold to dragons should not be this much fun, should it?

Disclaimer: This is a COMPLETE paranormal dragon shifter romance novel, No cliffhangers! Also, contains scenes of a sexual nature and shifter menage a trois. 18+

About the author
Amira Rain is a popular author of a shifter and paranormal romance.
When she is not writing she enjoys dancing and going to the theatre. One of her big passions in life is chocolate and she has an irrational fear of spiders. So much so, that even a photo of a spider will scare her.
Check out Amira Rain's debut hit "Her Lion Guard" with lots more in the works!

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