Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to get glowy, dewy skin with a matte foundation

Recently, I went shopping to the new Sephora Australia store (Haul video to come!) with my mum and we spent hours browsing in there.

One of the things that mum lamented while we were in the store was that her current foundation made her look "dead". Well, she says "dead" but reality is that the foundation was very matte and for her mature skin (mum is in her 60s and still looking sensational) she needed a more glowy, dewy finish to her foundation so that her skin still looked like skin.

Isn't my mummy gorgeous?

We went through and looked at a numerous number of foundations and finally picked up the IT Cosmetics CC Cream for her as a new foundation since it has great coverage and it has a lovely natural finish. The deciding factor for this was the squeezy tube which makes it easier to travel with than a glass jar.

But what to do with her almost full bottle of matte foundation?

Well, the answer is a glowy, highlighting base or primer.

I suggested that she use a highlighting primer under her matte foundation, such as the L'Oreal Magic Lumi primer. Fortunately, Priceline (we went to Priceline after Sephora) was having a sale that particular day and all L'Oreal products were 30% off so I took mum there. When we got there, I showed her the difference between using and not using a highlighting primer underneath her foundation and of course, it made a huge difference to the look of the matte foundation. Suddenly, the foundation looked much more natural, skin-like and glowy. It was not an overly dewy or greasy look. Just lovely and natural. Mum fell in love with it immediately and bought a bottle. I got a message from mum the next day saying how much she liked it and how she got compliments on how her skin looked. I was over having lunch with her yesterday and she said to me "I love my Lumi so much!" :-)

Typo in message: nine = nice. LOL.

I have a very matte foundation that I have trouble wearing though I love the coverage and texture of the foundation. It makes my skin look very dry and the foundation does not look caked on. It's the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation. I really have trouble wearing that foundation because it just looks too matte on me.

With that foundation, I use the same technique but with an added step. I use a highlighting primer, but the one I have is the Body Shop Radiant Highlighter which I love. On top of that, I apply the foundation and after the foundation, I set it with the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat poweder foundation, which has a very natural finish and slight sheen to it. (It doesn't need to be the NYX powder, but any powder that has a more natural or dewy finish). This combination works great for me and allows me to use a foundation that I am otherwise unable to use.

Mum doesn't powder but I'm thinking of getting her an illuminating powder to help set her foundation such as the Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana (even though that's technically a bronzer, but it's so light!) or the IT Cosmetics Illuminating Powder Foundation.

It doesn't matter if you have mature skin like my mum or you have normal skin like I do, if you have a foundation that is too matte and you want a more natural finish to your look, this is a wonderful way to get the results you want.

Do you have a matte foundation that is too matte for you? Give this a shot.

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