Wednesday, December 14, 2022

What Helen Read #77: November 2022

Do you know what it is? It's too close to Christmas, that's what it is. And why do I have so much work left to do and so many deadlines? It's almost 7pm on Tuesday evening now as I'm putting this together, and I'd really like to be lying in bed reading. I haven't been sleeping well and I'm feeling extra tired today. But aside from me moaning about how fast the year is coming to an end... books!

Here's what Helen read for November.

Rescue Mission by Kendall Talbot
Rescue Mission
Playing House by Amy Andrews
Playing House
East Of Alice by Annie Seaton
East Of Alice
The Butterfly Collector by Tea Cooper
The Butterfly Collector (Amazon AU)

Run Beautiful Run by Mel A Rowe
Run Beautiful Run
Remember Me by Charity Norman
Remember Me
The Nanny's Family Wish by Helen Lacey
The Nanny's Family Wish
Broad River Station by Fleur McDonald
Broad River Station (Amazon AU)

The London Girls by Soraya M Lane
The London Girls
The Wrong Woman by JP Pomare
The Wrong Woman
Christmas In Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen
Christmas In Bellbird Bay
The Wife The Spaniard Never Forgot by Pippa Roscoe
The Wife The Spaniard Never Forgot

Under The Spotlight by Megan Mayfair
Under The Spotlight
Family Matters by Ellie O'Neill
Family Matters
(Amazon AU)
Wedding Night With The Wrong Billionaire by Dani Collins
Wedding Night With The Wrong Billionaire
The Forthright Woman by Darry Fraser
The Forthright Woman

Secrets Of River Cottage by Annie Seaton
Secrets Of River Cottage
Retribution by Sarah Barrie
(Amazon AU)

The Orphans by Fiona McIntosh
The Orphans
(Amazon AU)
Outback Winds The Jillaroo by Annie Seaton
Outback Winds: The Jillaroo

The Wrong Sister by Fiona Palmer
The Wrong Sister
This Side of Fate by Tanya Nellestein
This Side Of Fate

Helen always has a fabulous reading month. Let's see what stood out for her.

So many good books again covering some fabulous genres. 😊 Picking stand outs for me is always hard.

Tea Cooper’s newest The Butterfly Collector is awesome, as is Fiona McIntosh’s The Orphans, and Darry Fraser’s The Forthright Woman. These are all must read books if you love a bit of historical history.

Sarah Barrie’s next installment in the Lexie Winter series was brilliant and not put downable. Mel A Rowe has another book out. It is one of her best. Run Beautiful Run has a sassy heroine and an awesome setting. Annie Seaton’s East Of Alice is a page turner and I never miss a Fleur McDonald story. I love Detective Dave Burrows, so Broad River Station was a must read.

I could never go a month without reading some Harlequin Mills & Boon romances. They really hit the spot and Pippa Roscoe’s The Wife The Spaniard Never Forgot and Dani Collins' Wedding Night with the Wrong Billionaire were both fabulous.

And Fiona Palmer’s The Wrong Sister is a story about family and it is wonderful. I have to mention Tanya Nellestein’s This Side Of Fate, winner of RWA Ruby Sapphire award and I can see why. I do highly recommend this one.

I am looking forward to reading more great books in December and some Chrissy stories as well. 😊

Have fun, Helen.

Well, that's it for what Helen read. What did you think? Did you read the same books? Different books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. So many good books and still the PBR pile never seems to go down LOL

    Have Fun


    1. This is true. There are more books coming out and I'm not reading fast enough. I can't keep up.