Sunday, December 18, 2022

How about some hot stuff?

Live is more exciting with some hot stuff

How would you like some hot stuff in your life? No, no, I don't mean more steamy, spicy romances. Let me explain...

Things are evolving in my world. Yes, yes, I could have said Deanna's World world, but it sounded silly.

Long story short, I have a shop.

Short story long, we had some friends visit about a month or so ago, and David's wife loves spicy food. I made her my lamb curry and made it much spicier than we normally have it. She thought it was mild. Well, I was up for the challenge and whipped up a super hot chilli sauce for her to add to her portion of the curry. Wow! That stuff was hot and she polished off the whole bowl. After I shared about it on social media, I got asked for the recipe. I had to experiment a bit and finally worked out a recipe that I could replicate.

Then I shared it with a friend who is the head chef at our favorite local pub, and she loved it. We talked about her selling it when I could make a batch that I could replicate consistently with a great recipe. Then I was asked for an even hotter version because apparently that hot stuff was not enough.

So I came up the another recipe that used the original as a base and well, it was hot. Ultra hot, as I call it.

Deanna's chilli sauces

The pub is now carrying the chilli sauces and we recently got a Square device for credit card transactions and they offer free online shops that integrate with the device. So between learning how to use the Square device and trying to figure out a shop front, I decided to make a shop for my chilli sauces. It's not very imaginative. They are just called Deanna's Chilli Sauces.

But the chilli sauces have been popular and it's a fun side thing to do. There are two versions. The HOT which is called Deanna's Burning Volcano, and the ULTRA HOT which is called Deanna's Nuclear Explosion. The ultra hot is about three or four times hotter than the original hot one.

A little caution if you get any of the sauces. They are HOT. A little goes a long way. That's why they are in such tiny jars, plus the ingredients were stupid expensive. Especially the stuff that goes into the ultra hot sauce. Argh!!

And also, I should mention that this does not take over the day job of author services and the bloggity will continue as normal. Unless I get super lucky and Woolies discovers me and decides they want to buy me for millions. Hah!

Have a look around and tell us what you think. Just click the images or the links below them and it will take you to the shop sites.

Deanna's World Our Shops

We are also planning on putting together a shop for Steve's books (signed paperbacks), merchandise and swag. I'm super excited about this because I am so in love with some of the swag I've created. Mostly mugs and mouse pads because I like practical stuff. I'm drinking from one of the mugs right now. We just need to figure out some logistics for some books that are in the US and how to set that up in the shop and off we go.

Steve Shipley's Shop Coming Soon
Steve's Shop - COMING SOON

Thank you for much for your support. If you stopped by and had a look around the shop, let me know what you think.

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  1. Huge congrats Deanna, the shop looks really good and I do hope you sell heaps :)

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks, Helen. It's been a fun little side project and I do enjoy learning new technology.