Wednesday, December 7, 2022

What Deanna Read #82: November 2022

Holy smoly! It's December!!! I'm rather overwhelmed with a lot of work backed up and I've not been reading as much as I would like. My brain is mush. Things are crazy. I have not had much brain power to do much full on reading. I've been relying on a lot of what Steve calls "brain candy" to get me through. Easy, comfort reads that make me feel good.

Here's what I read for the month.

Captured by Ella Goode
Sweet Jane by Abby Knox
Smoke and Mirrors by Julie Rowe
Viable Threat by Julie Rower

The Christmas Pickup by Abby Knox
The Christmas Pickup
Dear Santa by Kristen Granata
Dear Santa
Sir Richard's Portrait by Jisa Dean
Sir Richard's Portrait
Plant Daddy by KD Robichaux
Plant Daddy

Hitman by Jenna Rose
Unwrapping For The CEO by Olivia T Turner
Unwrapping For The CEO
Hacker by Cassie Mint
Priestess of the Nile by Veronica Scott
Priestess Of The Nile

Unwrapping Mr King by A Zavarelli
Unwrapping Mr King
Unicorn Vet by Zoe Chant
Unicorn Vet
Howl It's Done by P Jameson
Howl It's Done
Operation Wolf Rescue by Zoe Chant
Operation: Wolf Rescue

As If I Wouldn't Fall by Jessa Kane
As If I Wouldn't Fall
Rook by L Ann
Shopping For The Grump by Leah Busboom
Shopping For The Grump
Alpha Male Anthology
Alpha Male Anthology

Capturing His Kitten by Mink
Capturing His Kitten
Hold On by Dani Wyatt
Hold On
Nicky And The Night Owls Part One by Sierra Cassidy
Nicky And The Night Owls: Part One
Step Hero by Dani Wyatt
Step Hero

His To Tame by Gia Bailey
His To Tame
Ghost Of A Chance by Jisa Dean
Ghost Of A Chance
Brother Wolf of Piston by TS Joyce
Brother Wolf Of Piston
Second Bite by SJ Tilly
Second Bite

Conqueror by Anna Hackett

Huh, not a terrible reading month. There are a few standouts too.

Firstly, Conqueror by Anna Hackett. It's the last book in the series and it's wonderful. There's a bonus epilogue for the whole series and if you're reading the series, make sure you get it. The link is at the back of the book.

I've gotten back into listening to audiobooks again. I find that I enjoy listening to something for the half hour or so it takes for me to get ready in the morning. I've loved incorporating listening to an audiobook as part of the process. I got through two during this last month, the first two books of the Outbreak Taskforce series by Julie Rowe, Viable Threat, and Smoke and Mirrors. Both fantastic and I loved the narration by Jeffrey Kafer who happens to be one of my favorite narrators.

Other than that, there were a few books that hit me just right at the moment when I read them and for that, they got all the stars. Those include Captured by Ella Goode, Hacker by Cassie Mint (this is a reread and I *KNOW* I love it), Priestess Of The Nile by Veronica Scott, Unicorn Vet by Zoe Chant, Operation: Wolf Rescue, also by Zoe Chant, As If I Wouldn't Fall by Jessa Kane, Brother Wolf Of Piston by TS Joyce (of course!), and Second Bite by SJ Tilly. I'm gonna be honest. None of these are going to win literary awards, but reading them made me happy and feel good, and that's all that matters.

I'm stupid busy for December. It's the silly season and I'm also trying to wrap up work for the year. We have a holiday booked away for two weeks in the middle of January and I need to get a lot of stuff done by then. Sigh!

That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. Not too bad a month, a couple of long reads in there too, the longest being the Nora Roberts at 508 pages. Average pages per book were only 243 though, which is as usual.
    I'm also noting the locations of the stories too. Most were sci-fi and mostly set in other universes. After that it's the USA.
    Glad you enjoyed the Veronica Scott book. I'm only part way through that series, but I've read all her other books. I love her writing

    1 His Christmas Guardian by Cindy Dees. Runaway Ranch #4

    2 Klutz:Phoenix Down. But did you Die by Sedona Ashe. Book 1

    3 Mission:Uncovered by Anna Hackett. Treasure Hunter, Team 52, Norcross Crossover Novella

    4 Love and History by Lane Hayes. Script Club #6

    5 Ezra gets a new Job by Lane Hayes. Script Club 6 free bonus

    6 Talinn by Veronica Scott. Badari Gladiators #3. I'd read this as part of an anthology but this is an expanded version, with an epilogue, so much better.

    7 Conqueror by Anna Hackett. Galactic Kings #4

    8 Conqueror Bonus Epilogue by Anna Hackett. Galactic Kings #4

    9 Dark Whisper by Christine Feehan. Dark Carpathians #35

    10 The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal

    11 Ship Wrecked by Olivia Dade

    12 The Stand Up Groomsman by Jackie Lau

    13 A Treasure for the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips. Treasured by the Alien Warrior #8

    14 Grin and Bare Him by Cynthia Sax. Cyborg Unity #2

    15 The Choice by Nora Roberts. Dragon Heart Legacy #3


    1. Hey Gill, that's some good reading you've got there. I did enjoy Priestess of the Nile. It's my first Veronica Scott and I've been meaning to read her for ages.

      Did you love the ending for Conqueror? And how awesome was the bonus epilogue?

    2. Yes, it was a great ending. Setting up trouble for the future though. I can imagine some descendent blundering in. Lol

    3. Well, with an extended epilogue like that with all the kids, I can see people asking for the next generation of stories. A lot of people constantly ask for next generation stories for Hell Squad.

  2. You had a good month of reading and it sounds like you enjoyed them and that is the main thing, I do hope things settle down for you I too am way behind in all things Christmas in my house :)

    Have Fun


    1. Yes, I did focus on just reading stuff I knew I would enjoy. I didn't have it in me to get too adventurous. Still pretty much the same right now as I am getting ready for Christmas. So busy!!!