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Review: The Billionaires and The Author by Harper West

The Billionaires and The Author by Harper West

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The Billionaires and The Author by Harper West

The Billionaires and the Author is sexy, engaging, and erotic. It was everything I needed after being let down by my two previous reads.

I might be unduly biased about this book since it brought me out of a funk after two very disappointing reads before it. When I picked up the book and I started reading, it instantly engaged me, I connected first with Destiny, then Kaden and Jared, and I was hooked. In fact, I loved it so much that I was practically giddy with joy over how much I was enjoying reading something good again. I was giggling madly to myself while reading it from the sheer pleasure of loving what I was reading. So yeah, I might be somewhat biased about this book.

I loved reading everyone's point of view, particularly Kaden and Jared's. Ms West is not shy about letting us into the men's heads and knowing what they thought and how they felt. I enjoyed her technique of going backwards a little bit and giving the reader that particular person's point of view in hindsight before moving the plot forward again. I expect not everyone would like that since it is a little repetitive as you are reading past events again from a different perspective. I enjoyed it though as I felt it gave me a deeper insight into those scenes and that character. That said, sometimes that jump backwards did take me a little getting used to and a little mental gymnastics to catch myself up to what I was reading.

There was a lot to like about Destiny. The whole aspiring author plot aside, I liked that she was adventurous in her desires and wanted to explore a less than traditional relationship. She had a sweet combination of spark, submissiveness, and uncertainty that I enjoyed. I don't need all my heroines to be ball-busting kicka** women all the time. I liked that Destiny needed taking care of, and at one point, rescuing, and she let the men be strong for her. It's okay for a woman to lean on a man for support without losing her agency. Something traumatic happens to Destiny as one point and I love how Ms West handled her reactions post-trauma. It's the kind of thing I like to wallow in and fantasize about but have never seen written in a book until now. Not that I enjoyed the fact that she underwent trauma, but I liked the way Ms West treated it and how the men reacted to it.

As for the men, I loved Kaden and Jared. They work so well together as a pair. While Kaden is edgy, dominating, and has trouble expressing himself, Jared is the foil to him. Jared is the sensitive, soothing, understanding one who puts Destiny at ease while still being his own man and confident in himself and his abilities. I love that Jared balances Kaden's intensity with tenderness. And when Kaden calls Destiny "baby" I about melt every time.

This is probably not the best book ever written and there were even a few editing errors that didn't get picked up during the final pass before it got published, but despite that, I enjoyed every moment of reading it. I'm eager to get stuck into Ms West's backlist and reading more of her work.

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