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Review: The Queen's Flight (The Emerging Queens #2) by Jamie K Schmidt

I know I've added the odd extra post a week recently on Saturdays. What can I say? I've got a little extra time and the inclination to blog a little more. And I've got some things queued up that I've wanted to share. I hope you don't mind the extra post and enjoy them though this may not happen every Saturday.

For today's post, it's an old book review for a book I read a while ago and never posted. It made me smile and brought back good memories of the reading experience so I thought I'd share. And if you love dragon shifters, this is a good one.

The Queen's flight by Jamie K Schmidt

My rating: Small star Small starSmall star Small star

Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame

The Queen's Flight by Jamie K Schmidt blurb

Dragons! What can I say? I adore dragons. Anything with dragons and I'm all over it. The Queen's Flight is an interesting take on the dragon shifter genre and I love the world Ms Schmidt is creating with these dragons. In this world, a curse has stopped the birth of female dragons, known as Queens, and now the curse is broken and Queens are emerging. This, of course, is causing a lot of chaos and confusion around the world as male dragon shifters hustle to protect the emerging Queens, but there are also those who want to stop them from emerging and want to cause them harm.

In this installment, we see the emergence of Viola, who is an unassuming admin assistant with a penchant for yarn. Viola is adorable. In the first half of the book she is naive and rather overwhelmed about being a dragon. She has a lot to learn and is floundering as she comes into contact with people who want to protect her, take advantage of her and / or get rid of her. Fortunately for her, she has Sergei as her Protector, although somewhat by accident. She does hit her stride as a Queen in the second half of the book as she learns more of what she can do and decides she won't play dragon politics but instead chooses to follow her own moral compass of deciding to do what is right for her. I truly admired her strength as she comes into her own strength and stands up for what she believes. It also helps that she and Sergei are damn hot together, although they struggled with their connection a little in the beginning since Sergei has issues with Queens.

Sergei is delicious. He's all bad boy biker, gruff, broody and with some serious issues. I'm glad Viola was able to get under his skin and crack his hard shell with all her yarn and cute cuddliness. Sergei is a wonderful (reluctant) Protector and (intentional) Consort. I adored how protective he was with Viola and later, how possessive he was too. Goodness, I do love me a growly, confident, dragon shifter hero. Sergei can growl at me any time!

There were a few chuckle out loud moments in the book for me too, which I thoroughly enjoyed. One was when Viola was asking for wine. My Steve and I love our wine, and Steve has even written a book on wine (shameless plug here!) and so he's somewhat of an expert. This line is fabulous.

Quote: “Is there wine?” she asked and then winced. “I don’t mean that in a psycho-Queen way. I just like Merlot.”
“Really? That’s a sign of a young palate.”

It's true. Most people who are starting out drinking wine tend to start with a Merlot since it's the easiest red wine to drink. It's probably one of the least demanding red wines on the palate, but I digress. :-) I love this line in the book.

The other was when Sergei is telling Viola her parents are coming to visit. This line needs no explanation. :-) It had me rolling in hilarity.

Quote: “So your parents are headed up here to meet us for dinner tomorrow,” Sergei told her in a voice that was usually reserved for informing someone that their dear Aunt Agatha had passed away. On Christmas. In bed with the butler. And a midget. And twenty pounds of uncut cocaine.

One rather disturbing thing which jumped out at me was Viola's mother hitting her, hard. And Viola accepted it like it was okay and normal. In recent times, with various discussions in the Bloggity group, we've talked a lot about hitting, and I'm taking more notice. I was disturbed by the hitting and also by Viola's acceptance of it. I'm very glad Sergei stepped in to protect her and also to prevent her getting hit again when her mother went to do so. I didn't realise hitting was such a widespread thing in the romance novels I was reading until it was pointed out to me. It's not okay when men hit women, so it should also not be okay when women hit men and parents hit their children in books. I look at romance as an escape and a fantasy world, and while some realism needs to be built into the stories to make them believable, I also believe they need to be held to a higher moral and ethical standard. It probably doesn't apply to all the dark romance out there, but this is my opinion. It upset me that Viola's mother hit her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the world building in this book. It provided much more insight into the dragon world, the plight of the emerging Queens and the weave which is the magic which surrounds the dragons and gives them their power.

I really enjoyed reading this and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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