Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What Deanna Read #36: January 2019

I had thought that I would have read more in January since the office was shut for the first week of the year but alas! that was not the case. On top of that, I got so busy I completely forgot to write this post so I'm a few days late on it. Bad Deanna!!

Aside from the lack of reading time and slackness, January was a good month with some favorites thrown in the mix and one fantastic new find that got me all swoony over the hero.

Here's what I read for the month.

As with last month, between very little reading time and sticking to authors I love, I've had a good reading month.

As usual, Serena Akeroyd hit me with three books this month. She's a crazy prolific author. The last book in the TriAlpha Chronicles series with TriAlpha, the first in a new series, Hotter Than Hades, and a continuation of an existing series, Kurt. Fortunately, even with as many books as she publishes each month, the quality of the books are top notch. All were excellent.

Both Maddie Wade and Julie Rowe were comfort reads with Digital Desire and Sleight of Hand, although I do not know how I can call them comfort reads considering the amount of action and adrenaliln going on in those books. Phew! Maybe comfort reads because they are favorite authors and I know I will always enjoy their books?

And finally, a surprise new author for me which was stunning. So romantic. Such a broody hero. Oh Armand! You moody, broody, gorgeous guy, you! Hired By The Mysterious Millionaire ticked all the romance boxes for me. Great heroine. Delicious hero. Romantic to the max.

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for Helen's books next.

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  1. Sounds like some good reading there Deanna and I have the Ally Blake book on my kindle waiting for me and I am looking forward to it :)

    Have Fun


    1. Helen, the Ally Blake is wonderful. I loved every minute of it.

  2. A better month for me. I'm home now and it's freezing!
    1. Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts. Great addition. Now have to wait another year for the finale. Grrrh

    2. Leopards Run by Christine Feehan. Another edit required! Too much sex, and too much rabbiting on about baking cookies. Also, Christine seems to have forgotten that the female leopard's heat is called the han vol dan. There is some confusion as to whether the heroine, Ashe, knows she has a leopard

    3. Touch of Eon by Anna Hackett. Eon warriors #2

    4. Hot Justice by Lynn Raye Harris. Love these military action romances

    5. Christmas Homecoming by L.A. Witt. Christmas Angel series

    6. Out in the Offence by Lane Hayes. Out in College #3

    7. A Soldier's Wish by N.R. Walker. Christmas Angel series

    8. Warlord Sky by Cynthia Sax. Chamelle planet #1. Spin off of the Cyborg/Dark universe. A great addition

    9. Shattered Vows by Kaylea Cross. Crimson Point #4

    10. Beautiful Sinner by Sophie Jordan

    11. Covert Games by Katie Reus. Redemption Harbor #6

    12. A Mate to Cherish by Laylah Roberts. Hunters #1

    13. Any Old Diamonds by KJ Charles. KJ Charles does it again. Another stellar romance.

    1. You had a great month, Gill. And lots of variety in your reading too. Kaylea Cross and Katie Reus are two authors I've been thinking of adding to my reading list.