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Review: From Paradise... to Pregnant! by Kandy Shepherd

Book coverFrom Paradise ... to Pregnant! by Kandy Shepherd
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One night with consequences…

A week in Bali was accountant Zoe Summers's dream vacation. But when the tropical island paradise is hit by an earthquake, she's trapped—alongside Mitch Bailey, sports star and blast from her past! High on the thrill of survival, they seek comfort in each other's arms…

It was only supposed to be one night, but Zoe soon discovers an unexpected souvenir—she's pregnant! Now Zoe and Mitch will have to ask themselves…can one night lead to parenthood and a lifetime of love?

The Harlequin Romance imprint is one of my favorites when it comes to heartwarming, deeply romantic stories, and Kandy Shepherd's From Paradise... to Pregnant! is no different.

What I loved about this story is not just how likable both Zoe and Mitch are as characters but the focus on them as a couple and their relationship. I love reading a romance where the romance is the focus, where I learn about the characters and watched their relationship develop throughout the story. Kandy does a marvelous job of this by giving us Zoe and Mitch and saturating us with Zoe and Mitch. This makes my silly, romantic heart very happy.

I adored Zoe right from the get go, the nerdy girl who's made something of herself, but deep down, she's still the nerdy girl. I loved her confidence in the woman she'd become but I also love the glimpses into the girl she once was, the moments of vulnerability that make her so endearing. I love she tries to do what she think is the right thing for Mitch even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness.

Mitch is an awesome hero and I do adore a world class soccer player. I confess to a soft spot for sexy soccer playing heroes. :-) Mitch is a great guy all around. Talented, determined, driven, but at the core of him, he's a kind and compassionate man. I loved he wanted to right past wrongs and he was man enough to deal with the elephant in the pool (they were in Bali!) and all the other elephants tromping their way through his and Zoe's relationship each time they encountered each other. And when Zoe pushes him away, he's strong enough and determined enough to fight for her.

Thank you for writing a wonderfully engaging and romantic story, Kandy. I can't wait till the next one.

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About the author
auKandy Shepherd left a fast-paced career as a magazine editor to write award-winning romantic fiction.

Kandy lives in a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband, daughter and a menagerie of four-legged friends.

She believes in love-at-first-sight and real-life romance—they worked for her!

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