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Review: Floored by Ainslie Paton

Book coverFloored by Ainslie Paton
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They’re a car crash waiting to why do they keep crashing into each other?

From the moment Fetch gets knocked off his Harley, crawls into Driver’s car and offers her an obscene amount of money to drive him from Sydney to Perth — no questions, no names, no chit chat — they’re stuck with each other. By the time they arrive, they’re stuck on each other.

It’s lust at full throttle, with no seat belts. It could be more, but he’s a fake and she’s a liar. They’re both neck deep in crime, and only one of them is on the right side of the law.

This book surprised me. The blurb for the book really tells you nothing much about the book at all so I had no idea what I was getting with this book when I started reading it.
The book opens with a grittiness that makes you think you're in for a dark, rough ride through biker-land with gang wars and drive by shootings,  instead what you get after the few opening chapters is a slow meander through a literary landscape that flows like a slow, steady river that is constantly moving and urging you forward.

The drive from Sydney to Perth is very much like an physical manifestation of a metaphor for the developing relationship between Fetch and Driver as it evolves over time into Sean and Cait. It serves as an interesting backdrop as something to do while they discover who they are to each other.

It's fascinating to discover that when you think it's really Fetch who is the one who should be running and hiding, it's Driver instead who is doing that. The dynamics of the relationship change as Fetch turns into Sean and Driver becomes Cait, and Sean is wanting more from Cait. Wanting to know her, wanting to protect her, wanting her. It's a beautiful dance as you watch Cait try to resist Sean and his relentless pursuit and charm and finally succumb.

I love that this book had the ability to surprise me as it did and then engage my attention. It's beautifully and lyrically written. Well done, Ms Paton.

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About the author

auAinslie Paton is a corporate storyteller working in marketing, public relations and advertising.

She’s written about everything from the African refugee crisis and Toxic Shock Syndrome, to high-speed data networks and hamburgers.

As Ainslie and as AA Paton, she writes cracking, hyper-real contemporary romances.

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