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Author Interview & New Release: Undercover with the Enemy (Hero for Hire #2) by Sharron McClellan


Undercover with the Enemy
Hero for Hire #2
By: Sharron McClellan
Releasing August 17, 2015

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When opposites ignite...

High-risk securities operative Holly Milano usually prefers to work alone. Having a partner is, well, annoying. Case in point-her current assignment with Kane MacMillan. They're working undercover in high society to retrieve a priceless diamond necklace.

And Mr. Plan Everything is seriously cramping Holly's fly-by-the-seat-of-her-sexy-pants style.

Kane takes his job seriously, and he knows from experience that working with Holly usually ends in disaster. Their conflicting approaches could destroy their cover-or worse, get them killed. But when they're forced to pose as an engaged couple, neither Holly nor Kane are prepared for the possibility of an unexpected attraction...or that they're now putting their lives and their hearts on the line.


    With a click, he locked the French door and strode across the floor to confront her on the other side of the four-poster bed. “Are you hoping that if you can get this done, you’ll get to spend the weekend having fun?”
    The heat was slow this time. It began in the pit of her stomach, working its way up her chest, then neck, and settled in her face.
    “He’s an ass, Holly.”
    She flashed back to yesterday when Tempe said Kane was as good at reading people and intent. She’d have to remember that. She did not need Kane prying into her private thoughts. Not now. Not ever. “There’s no need to make accusations. Let’s leave.”
    He opened his mouth as if to reply, then snapped it shut.
    She shoved past him when voices in the hallway caught her attention, and she paused mid-step. The voices drew nearer and stopped in front of the door to the room.
    Then there was the sound of metal on metal—a key in the lock.
    “Crap,” Kane whispered.
    Her heart beat harder. She and Kane simultaneously sprinted for the balcony door. She grabbed the handle and turned. It jammed. “Dammit.”
    “Turn the bolt,” Kane said, trying to reach past her scrambling hands to do so.
    The lock to the main door clicked, and they were seconds from being caught. Her mind spun, seeking a reason that they might be in a locked room that wasn’t theirs. Only one idea came to mind.
    “Follow my lead,” she said as she pushed Kane onto the bed. Landing on top, she kissed him.
    He stiffened, then melted into the kiss. His mouth was hot. Eager. She found herself opening her lips, letting him taste her. He wound his hands through her hair, messing her braid.
    She shivered at his touch as he rolled her over until he was on top, pinning her down with his weight and his kiss.

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Author interview

I'm delighted to have Sharron join me to anwer a few questions for the blog. Please give her a very warm welcome ...

Thank you for having me here today!

What are you working on at the minute?
A screenplay with my sister and the third book in the Heroes for Hire series. I do love multitasking. Well, not really but I do it anyway.

What’s it about?
The third book will focus on Temperance Smith. She’s appeared in the first two books and I thought it was about time she got her own. Honesty, she’s one of my favorite characters.

What genre are your books?
Action adventure and romance. Think…..Romancing The Stone or Mr and Mrs Smith.

What draws you to this genre?
The chance to write strong women. I like to write heroines who aren’t just fearless. That’s not enough. They have to be emotionally vulnerable. They need to be guarded. And the combination of romance and action gives me the opportunity to create those women.

What is your most recent book about?
Undercover With The Enemy. A mouthy, fearless, former circus acrobat and a stick-in-the-mud hacker to team up to recover a priceless necklace.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?
Holly Milano. A former acrobat from the circus, she’s always had a strong sense of family and an entire group of people that lov her unconditionally. But once she left the bigtop, she discovered that the rest of the society viewed her world—her family--as exotic, different, and strange. And not strange in a good way. So while she doesn’t hesitate to walk a tightrope strung between two buildings and twenty stories above ground, she is also a  young woman who’s been hurt by what she considers to be “outsiders”.  She’s guarded. And even more so around Kane—her polar opposite. Or so she thinks.
Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book? Emma Stone as  blonde. She is amazing and had a great sense of timing.

Author Info

jsSharron likes to blow things up, dabble with Armageddon and sometimes, just sometimes, crash an airplane. In books, people - in books! And while it sounds all action adventurish (it is), there’s steamy hot romance for balance.

The inspiration for many of her earlier books springs from her background in Archeology.  Sharron graduated with a degree in Anthropology form the University of Alaska Anchorage, with a focus on physical anthropology i.e bones!. After spending several years in the field searching for ancient artifacts and burials, she was decided writing about it would be way
more interesting than digging in the dirt.

So in 2001 she hung up her shovel and decided to focus her efforts on writing action adventure romance, combining her love of archeology with her interest in romance the genre.  She’s been blowing things up ever since.

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