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Review: Highlander in the Mist by H C Brown

Book coverHighlander in the Mist by H C Brown
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Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame

Kate must decide to escape the horrors of 1425, or fight for the love of her delicious Highland warrior.

During a tour of the Highlands, Kate Mackintosh goes to the aid of a drowning boy and mysteriously slips through time to 1425. A stunningly handsome Highlander, who believes she is a faerie intent on stealing his brother, immediately challenges her and offers himself as the boy’s replacement. Rather than remaining alone on an isolated mountainside, she follows the delicious, Laird Alexander Murray to his Broch Lavern home.

Alone in a strange, brutal world, the noble Alex, offers her not only his protection but a love and passion so great, her longing to return home soon fades. However, the fate of the clan rests on Alex marrying Mary Frazer, and his stepmother insists on the match.

Kate must leave the love of her life or remain and risk torture or death to fight for her handsome Highland laird.

Reader Advisory: This story contains a very sexy, auburn haired, kilted, Highland warrior in various stages of undress.

I confess that when I was sent this book to review that I was not keen on reading it because the cover was just dreadful, fortunately the book was not. ps. Ms Brown, your book will have much better appeal if the hero on your book cover did not look like such a dork.

When this book started out, and also handicapped by the terrible cover, I thought that it dragged on for quite a while (almost 20%) before they finally figured out that Kate had time traveled into the past. The whole back and forth, while moderately amusing just made me wish H C Brown had got on with the story a lot faster.

One scene in particular though, through all the to and fro dialogue of who she was and where she was from was when Kate fell asleep and Alex and Hamish raided her backpack. Their amazement over the things they discovered was very amusing, particularly when she woke up and found Alex wearing some personal hygiene products of hers in his hair.

The story itself was predictable but enjoyable as a time travel Highlander romance. Alex was an extremely likable guy with his honesty, tenderness and obvious love for Kate.

I liked that Kate was brave enough to try to embrace the life that she was thrust into and make the most of it, even implementing changes to help improve the lives of everyone at the keep. I particularly liked the line where Alex questions her about having to eat vegetables and she said eating vegetables would mean they get to keep their teeth longer. And not that I'm one to be particularly open about body functions, I thought it was hilarious when Alex countered Kate's insistence on eating vegetables with the fact that cabbages produced gas and she would not want him being gassy in bed.

I particularly liked that the story was well researched and that H C Brown injected a lot of historical facts into it. There were elements of time travel and knowing what the future held that was interesting as it became a question of dealing with whether or not one could change the past and how it would affect the future. I thought that was very well handled.

One final thought, all in all, this is a rather fun book to read. Don't be put off by the cover and give it a chance. It will surprise you.

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hcH.C. Brown is a multi published, best selling, award winning, author of Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, BDSM, Time Travel, Action Adventure, and Contemporary Romance. In 2011 she was delighted to received nomination in three categories in the 2011 CAPA Awards: Favorite Author, Best GLBT Romance and Best Science Fiction Romance. In 2013 she was nominated for Best Historical in the Goodreads Best Book of Year Awards. H.C writes about strong alpha males in complex settings and all her stories have happy endings.
She married her childhood sweetheart and lives close to the beach in Queensland, Australia. Her interests include art, music, and reading romance.
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  1. Oh I forgot about you reading this one. You are right, the cover does not do it any favors. I will add it to my TBR pile though.

    1. I really enjoyed the read, so sometimes you can't judge a book by its cover.