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Tuesday Teaser: Every Which Way anthology by Sasha White, Cathryn Fox, Candace Blevins, Myla Jackson & Annabel Joseph

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Every Which Way
By: Sasha White, Cathryn Fox, Candace Blevins, Myla Jackson & Annabel Joseph
Release Date: June 16, 2015
Published by: Tribe Publishing

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Love beckons and desires tempts in this sizzling collection of Five brand new stories of erotic romance Every Which Way from some of the hottest storytellers around

UNABASHED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Sasha WhiteShe’s finally found a man who sees her for the woman she is, and she’s not holding back.
Ian Johnson thrived on training new submissives at Overwatch. He loved helping them explore their kinks, learn their limits, and recognize the power they hold. Then Ronnie Mack strode into the club, and right back into his heart. Now she’s his one and only,  and he’s learning that training a submissive he loves is a whole new level of connection.

LOANED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Annabel JosephIt’s all kinky fun and games, until someone loses their heart. Bettina’s Master gets off on loaning her to strangers. Afterward, she’s supposed to report back to him with all the raunchy details. It’s all kinky fun and games, until one of those strangers decides he doesn’t want to give her back…

BOOTS & WINGS by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Myla JacksonWhen a woman comes between brothers, passions take wings
Pilots, partners and brothers, Jake and Tucker Maddox, are both in love with Molly O’Brien and she’s in love with them. Because of their crazy sibling rivalry she refuses to choose between them, and instead walks away. On the verge of losing the best gal that ever happened to them, the two brothers hatch a desperate scheme to kidnap Molly, carrying her away to their mountain cabin where they convince her she can have them both, if she dares

PIN ME UP PROPER by USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Cathryn FoxShackles, blindfolds and ropes, oh my…she’s not in Kansas anymore.
Bored with the men in her life, actress Janie Monroe is looking for something different. On a whim, she decides to seduce her cameraman, a guy who comes off as a nerdy video gamer. After enticing him at a pin-up photo shoot, she learns that he does indeed like to play, but instead of a game console and controller, his toys are shackles, blindfolds and ropes. Janie soon finds herself immersed in a world of dark passions where her boundaries are challenged and pleasure beyond her wildest imagination is the prize.

ACCEPTABLE RISK by Candace BlevinsBethany has joked for years that if she ever settles down, it'll be with a harem of men, only it isn't a joke anymore.  
Mac is a new werewolf, and still must be watched at every moment to be sure he stays in control. His kink has always been ménage, so when he overhears the beautiful redhead at the bar wanting to take on not only him, but also the werewolf and wereleopard chaperoning his night out… he has to convince them to let him take her home. He might not be trustworthy with a human woman alone, yet, but with two powerful shapeshifters in bed with them, what could go wrong?

Author profiles & excerpts



What scene did you enjoy the most when writing your story?
The whole story. Seriously, It’s rare I say that, but I feel in love with Ronnie and Ian when I wrote Unfettered, and it was such a joy to get back to them and dig deeper and take them to the next level of their relationship that it flowed so easily and I loved it all.

Is your story part of a series or connected to any of your other books?
It is. It’s a continuation of Ronnie and Ian’s relationship, from the Overwatch Series. The events on UNABASHED happen at the same time as the events in PRIMAL, only the main couple is different. Because it takes place on a stacked timeline, readers of PRIMAL will likely recognize one or two of the events, only they’ll be from a different characters POV this time.  

If your story came with a warning label, what would it say?
WARNING: Story contains raw, raunchy, real love and power exchange. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, and the bedroom, and the shower, and the dungeon.

Excerpt from UNABASHED

    Hot lips wrapped around his cock and pulled him from sleep. It was heaven, and it was hell.
    Ronnie Mack. The girl who’d tempted him so much as a young man that he’d left town without saying goodbye to anyone. Finally, she was in his life again, and in his bed. Heaven.
    He lay there, eyes still closed, enjoying the delicious torment of velvet tongue stroking up and down his cock and fighting the need to take control at the same time. It was a rare thing for him to have a sub in his home, in his bed, but it was even more rare for him to fight the urge to control. He was a Dominant, he liked to be the one in control, the one tormenting someone until they were drowning in pleasure. Any woman entering his bed knew that, but normally they’d have negotiated their boundaries.
    He’d been in such a hurry they’d skipped that step the night before. Hell.
    Damn, she was good with that little tongue of hers. He wasn’t going to last very long, which was a shock considering the woman between his legs had pretty much wrung him dry the night before. Talented fingers cupped his balls as she took him deep and he bumped the back of her throat for a too brief second before she pulled back. A growl rumbled in his chest.
    Fuck holding back, she’d said she wanted a man who was dominant, now she’s got one.     Time for her training to truly begin.
    He reached down, wrapped his fist in Ronnie’s silky hair and shoved his dick down her throat until she gagged. Her fingers tightened on his sack briefly then she pushed herself closer, gagging harder.
    “No,” he growled roughly. He pulled her back by her hair and looked down to meet her gaze. “I’m in control. You do nothing but open wide, relax, and swallow when it’s time.”
    Her dark eyes widened, her cheeks flushed and her sharp little nails dug into his thighs as she looked up at him. Slowly, like a little tease, her jaw dropped and she opened for him.

Sasha White bio

Gifted with a salacious imagination, New York Times Bestselling Author Sasha White’s brand of Romance with Heat, and Erotica with Heart is all about sassy women and sexy men. With a voice that is called “distinctive and delicious” by The Romance Studio, this Canadian author has become a reader favorite.

Author links: Newsletter - Website - Twitter - Facebook - Pinterest - Blog



What scene did you enjoy the most when writing your story?
It's actually a tie between their first sex scene, and all the anxiety and craziness that entails, and the scene at the end of the novella when they're hashing through their feelings and trying to find their happily ever after. Both really fun scenes to write, for completely different reasons.

Is your story part of a series or connected to any of your other books?
No, this is a standalone work, and kind of a new style and feel for me. I had a lot of fun writing it!

If your story came with a warning label, what would it say?
Warning: Intense kinky hotness, and ALL THE FEELS.

Excerpt from LOANED

    “What did you say again?” I looked the woman up and down. Attractive, nubile, earnest, wholesome, with an impressive mane of chestnut hair. She wore a thick black collar and nothing else.
    “Please Sir, my Master wishes this worthless slave to offer herself to a stranger for his amusement.”
    I stirred my drink. Ice clinked against the glass, barely audible above the pounding music. “His amusement?” I asked. “Your Master’s amusement? Or mine?”
    She didn’t move and she didn’t look at me. “For your pleasure, Sir, and his amusement. This worthless slave—”
    “I don’t like worthless slaves,” I said, just to fuck with her. “I prefer slaves who are worth something.”
    She finally met my gaze. Her eyes were large and expressive, but I couldn’t tell their color in the dim room. Across the chamber, a whip cracked and a woman shrieked. She’d been bleeding for half an hour now. Fucking Chicago. If it wasn’t fucked up, they weren’t into it. Although Berlin was worse, much worse.
    “How long?” I asked. “How long do I get to play with your Master’s worthless slave?”
    Her arms curved delicately at her sides. She really was lovely. Beautiful. I dealt in art. I recognized beauty when I saw it.
    “My Master didn’t say how long. I suppose it’s up to you,” she said. “Afterward, I have to tell him all about it, what you did to me and how it made me feel.”
    “Is that so? How kinky and dangerous. Where’s this Master of yours?”
    If my hands weren’t clenched into fists, I would have put air quotes around the “Master.” The collared slave girl looked over her shoulder and I knew immediately who her Master was. Lip piercings, leather pants, goatee, theatrical sneer. He was trying hard to be the kinkiest dude in the room. The girl in front of me was doing it too, pushing the kinky envelope as some form of self-identity.
    By contrast, I wore a suit and was clean shaven. No piercings. I couldn’t be bothered with the expected kink uniform. I wore what I liked, and did what I liked. Hit on women I liked. This was a new thing, being hit on by someone else’s slave.
    Her “Master” was in his mid-twenties, like her, and I didn’t need the leather pants or scruffy goatee to tell me the guy was a dick. I only needed to look at the girl in front of me. She’d started to tremble. I noticed it because I was staring at her breasts. Ah, those breasts.
    What to do now? I wanted to lecture her like the old, wise, unpierced Dominant I was. I wanted to scold her about sanity and self-preservation. I did neither of those things.
    “Why did you choose me?” I asked instead.
    I knew why she’d chosen me. Everyone else in this place looked terrifying. Silly, reckless sub, putting herself at risk to titillate her Master. It didn’t even occur to her that I might be terrifying too...

Annabel Joseph Bio

Annabel Joseph is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling BDSM romance author. She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she has been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras.  She is recognized for writing emotionally intense BDSM storylines, and strives to create characters that seem real–even flawed–so readers are better able to relate to them.

You can email Annabel. She loves to hear from her readers. She is always working on something new, so stay tuned!

Author links: Annabel Joseph's Naughty Brigade - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram - Goodreads



What scene did you enjoy the most when writing your story?
I loved writing the scene where Molly's brothers give Jake the horse to chase after her. They want her to stay close to home. If getting her laid will do it, they're in!

Is your story part of a series or connected to any of your other books?
Boots and Wings is part of the Ugly Stick Saloon series. You'll revisit characters from other stories in the series.

If your story came with a warning label, what would it say?
One cowgirl and two fly boys makes for heat that will leave you fanning yourself and give you wings to fly to the heavens.

Excerpt from BOOTS & WINGS

    Molly toed off her boots and sat on a boulder at the pool’s edge, dangling her feet in the cool water, watching the ripples spread out across the surface.
    Her brother’s words came back to her.
    What about the Maddox brothers?
    That was a question she had posed to herself a dozen times. She’d been around them for years, hanging out a the Ugly Stick Saloon. They’d danced together, and partied when the saloon had special events. Tucker and Jake were brothers, but as different as night and day.
    Tucker was the levelheaded, sweet and considerate man a girl could see herself marrying. Oh, and he was an excellent kisser, and his slow, steady foreplay stirred her insides to the point, she’d wanted to strip naked and push him out of that sweet comfort zone. He’d only gone to second base, feeling up her breasts before he stepped away and ended the night, saying he wanted her to be sure about them before they went any further. Yeah, he was sweet, and those big, rough hands…Wowza.
    Now, Jake was the kind of man mamma’s warned their daughters about and daddies stood at the front door with their shotguns to keep away. He made her core ignite. One of the dates she’d been on with him had ended abruptly when her brother, Tanner, drove up behind them at Lookout Point and put the kibosh on a backseat quickie.  Yeah, her brothers had a habit showing up at the wrong time.
    And what killed her was that the dates had been a couple weeks ago. Neither Jake nor Tucker had called to claim another. And maybe that was a good thing. At some point, she’d have to choose between the two of them and she wasn’t so sure she could.
    On the one hand, Jake was the devil of a temptation. On the other hand…Tucker’s hands made her want to do all kinds of naughty to get him to shake out of that gentleman mode and make crazy monkey sex with her.
    The thought of the two men made the day warmer to the point Molly pulled her tank top out of the waistband of her jeans and flapped the hem to stir up a breeze against her heated skin.
    “Oh, what the heck.” She yanked the top over her head and dropped it beside her on the boulder. The cool, clear water below beckoned and she shucked the rest of her clothes down to the bathing suit she’d been born with.
    Deliciously naked, she dove into the water, the cool liquid caressing her hot body, bringing her outer temperature down while her core flamed. Nothing was better than skinny-dipping unless it was skinny-dipping with a really hot guy.



What scene did you enjoy the most when writing your story?
My favourite scene was when the heroine was trying to seduce the hero at the Pin Up photo shoot.  I love  how he turns it around on her, takes control, and lets her know he’s in to playing games too, just far kinkier ones than she thought he liked to play.

If your story came with a warning label, what would it say?
Shackles, blindfolds and ropes, oh my…she’s not in Kansas anymore.

Is your story part of a series or connected to any of your other books?
Pin Me Up Proper is the second book in my Breaking the Rules series.  My best-selling Novella Hold Me Down Hard is the first, and Tie Me Down tight and Fire Me Up Fast will be following.

Excerpt from PIN ME UP PROPER

    Janie paced inside her condo, her nerves on complete edge. She pulled back the curtain for the hundredth time, keeping an eye out for Kaden’s vehicle, even though she had no idea what he drove.
    “What is the matter with you?” Maria asked. “I’ve never seen you like this before.”
    She turned to face her friend and wiped her damp hands on the floral dress covering her vintage bikini. “I know. It’s because I don’t know what’s really going on. The last thing Kaden told me after the shoot was to wear my pinup costume tonight, but from the way he was talking and the things he was saying, I didn’t get the impression that we were doing another shoot.”
    “Then what are you doing?”
    Janie gave a slow shake of her head. “I don’t know.”
    “Well, let’s think about it.” Maria took a sip of her soda, then placed it onto the coffee table. “You seduced him, right?” When Janie nodded, Maria continued with, “And he knows you want him?”
    “I’m pretty sure.”
    Maria blinked. “Pretty sure?”
    Janie gave her a wide-eyed look and a sketchy nod.
    Shaking her head, Maria said, “So you came on strong, and then he tells you he wants to teach you how to properly behave, correct?”
    She grinned. “Have you ever been spanked, Janie?”
    As Janie thought about that, her heart rose into her throat. “What are you talking about?” Then her mouth formed a surprised little “o”. “Do you mean spanking as in, BDSM?”
Maria casually rolled one shoulder. “My guess is that he likes to be the aggressor, and he wants to teach his little pinup girl a thing or two about discipline.” She stretched out on the sofa and tucked her feet under the accent pillow. “I envy you, because I think he has some very kinky things in store for your tonight.”
    “But you know I like to be the one in charge.” Janie twisted her hands together and paced around the room. She’d read her share of romance novels and erotica. She’d even gone as far as to do a little surfing on the internet about it, just for curiosity sake, of course, but in everything she’d read, one thing stood out. Trust between the participants.     The thought of allowing someone to take control of her, either in or out of the bedroom, frightened her. Thoughts of her father and brother and their emotional abuse rushed in, reminding her how scared and vulnerable they’d made her feel. When she’d left home, she closed herself off and had sworn never to be put in that position again.  
    Maria’s face softened, her eyes full of understanding. As her roommate and best friend for the past three years, Maria would know what was going on inside Janie’s head. She jumped up from the sofa and gave Janie a comforting hug. “Come on, I’m sure you don’t have anything to worry about. I just know you’re going to have a fabulous night.”
    “I don’t know, Maria…”
    “Stop fretting, you’ll give yourself wrinkles.” Her eyes moved over Janie’s face.     “Yup, there’s a new one. It’s a damn ugly, too,” she teased. Despite the situation, Janie couldn’t help but smile. “Everything is going to be fine,” Maria assured her.     “Besides, for all I know, maybe he really is planning on taking you back to his place to play video games.”
    Janie gave a slow shake of her head and paced back to the window. “I don’t think so. I think we all pegged him wrong.”
    “He’s not a nerdy gamer?”
    “I think he’s been flying under the radar and keeping a low profile.” She thought about the command in his tone and the way her body had reacted when he’d touched her. Oh yeah, there was definitely something about this guy that frightened her as much as it intrigued her.
    The sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway caught her attention. She ran to the hallway mirror to check her lipstick, then gave herself a once-over. “Do I look okay?” she asked Maria as she pressed her lips together to smooth her cherry red lipstick.
    “You’re gorgeous. Now relax and go have some fun.”
A moment later, the doorbell rang, and she exhaled slowly to get herself under control before she opened it. Maria pulled back the curtain to get a glimpse of him on their stoop as Janie made her way into the foyer.
    “Kaden,” she said when she pulled the door open and found him standing there, looking so damn sexy in his jeans and button down dress shirt that it took two locked knees to keep herself upright. Most times, his hair fell into his face, but tonight, with it slicked back, it gave her an unobstructed view of his features. She took in the hard angles of his jaw and the intensity in his steel gray eyes.
    “Janie,” he said, his tone deeper than she remembered it.
    “Let me just grab my purse,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she felt. She darted into the living room, to where Maria was standing, her mouth hanging open.
    “Holy shit, Janie,” she whispered. “He’s fucking hot. Hotter than any guy you’ve ever been out with.”
    “I know.”
    “Now I really am jealous.”
    A nervous, yet excited giggle climbed into Janie’s throat, and she pressed her fingers to her lips to hush her friend. “Shhh…”
    “I’m waiting up,” Maria said. “I want to hear all the details.”
    Janie hurried back to the front foyer where Kaden stood waiting for her. Her hands trembled, and it took all her effort to keep her gaze on his face and off the bulge his jeans hugged so nicely.
    My God he was hot.
    His shirt accentuated broad shoulders, tight abdominals, and a body that had her thighs quivering. But not only was he hot, he looked rugged and dangerous, more lethal than any MMA fighter.
    How did she not see this before?

Cathryn Fox Bio

Cathryn Fox is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author who began her writing career with Ellora's Cave. She now has titles with Avon Red—Harper Collins, NAL—Penguin Group, Spice Brief—Harlequin, and Samhain Publishing. You can find Cathryn's Books in both e-book and print.

Visit her website to learn more about Cathryn and her works.

ts 4


What scene did you enjoy the most when writing your story?
One of the big sex scenes in the middle with all four characters was a lot of fun to write, but then I also enjoyed letting Bethany spend time alone with each of her guys. Just as Bethany wouldn't be able to pick her favorite man, I don't think I can pick a favorite scene, either.

Is your story part of a series or connected to any of your other books?
Yes, it's 2.5 in the Chattanooga Supernaturals, and 4.5 in Kirsten O'Shea's Universe. However, all of my paranormal romance books can be read as a stand-alone, so you'll be fine if you haven't read the other books.

If your story came with a warning label, what would it say?
Warning: Two werewolves, an intense wereleopard, and a woman who thinks she's ready to handle three men in bed at once. So much hot kinky goodness, you may need an extra fan.


    The rope circled the base of her right breast and she closed her eyes, unable to watch as Ranger wound it around and around, tighter and tighter.
    “We can all smell how turned on you are. Don’t hide from us,” Jonathan told her, his voice bordering on a growl, and full of sexual heat. He would like this, he was a boob man, after all.
    “Not hiding from you, just don’t want to watch you doing it. It’s too much — seeing and feeling at the same time.”
    Ranger tucked the end of the rope through the coils and pulled it even tighter before he moved to her left breast. Jonathan once again held her breast in place as Ranger started, and Bethany’s legs spread and her hips moved in reaction. God, the rope might be uncomfortable and just at the point of painful, but she was so damned horny she might self-combust.
    “She’s being so good, I think she needs a reward,” Jonathan said as he let go of her breast and moved between her legs to place soft kisses on her inner thighs with the promise of doing so much more with his mouth.
    Soft rope also circled her wrists, and her arms were bound to the headboard. She groaned as the rope was wound around her breast again and again, plumping it up, forcing more blood into it.
    When Ranger finished this time, he tucked the rope to keep it tight, and then looped it behind her neck and back down, securing it to the rope around her right breast, and Bethany gasped and fought the ropes at her wrists.
    “Open your eyes and look at Mac,” Ranger ordered, and her eyelids flew open at his command. She lifted her head and her gaze met Mac’s as he sat in the corner, sprawled on a chair with his cock out of his jeans as he slowly jacked himself off. Bethany could almost see the wolf in his eyes as he watched, so intent, so focused.
    “He’s going to take care of you when Jonathan and I are finished. He’ll kiss the rope marks away, caress the whip marks, and then he’ll fuck your brains out. He may not be a Dom, and may not enjoy delivering pain, but he thoroughly enjoys working someone over when they’re so exhausted and sore they don’t want to see another cock for months.”
    Mac’s smirk told her he didn’t disagree with Ranger’s words, and she closed her eyes again and settled her head on the bed. So many emotions swirled in her head she couldn’t begin to process them on top of the physical sensation of the rope around her breasts,     Ranger’s fingers pinching and twisting her nipples, and Jonathan sucking her clit.

Candace Blevins bio

Candace Blevins is a southern girl who loves to travel the world. She lives with her husband of 17 years and their two daughters. When not working or driving kids all over the place she can be found reading, writing, meditating, or swimming.

Candace writes BDSM Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and a sinfully hot Motorcycle Club series.

You can visit Candace on the web at: WebsiteFacebookFacebook GroupFacebook KirstenO’SheaTwitterPinterestGoodreadsAmazon Author PageNewsletter Sign Up


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