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Review: Breathless for Him (Davison & Allegra #1) by Sofia Tate

Book coverBreathless for Him (Davison & Allegra #1) by Sofia Tate
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For fans of New York Times bestselling authors Samantha Young, Sylvia Day, and E. L. James comes the stunning, erotically charged story about a woman who's not looking for love and the tempting billionaire who left her breathless . . .

As a gifted opera singer, Allegra Orsini's only obsession is music-until she meets him. A strikingly handsome and powerful man with a life splashed across the tabloids, Davison Cabot Berkeley isn't what she expected. He's unlike the other wealthy patrons who dine at Le Bistro. Davison sees more than just a coat-check girl working her way through grad school. And from the moment he looks at her, those deep green eyes ignite a fire inside Allegra she's never felt before.

She craves Davison's touch-his possession-endlessly. Even though every fiber of her being is telling her to stay away, that it's best for both of them, she can't. As his passion consumes her, Allegra can no longer deny Davison's hold on her. He'll never let her go. But as much as she wants him, Allegra can't surrender to his love-not until she faces a painful secret from her past that could destroy them both . . .

The only thing I can think to describe this story is it's beautiful. Sofia Tate takes you on a wonderful, emotional journey through the relationship of Davison and Allegra, and it's beautiful.

While reading this, there were moments of anticipation where my breath hitches, as I feel something is about to happen, a bump, a hitch, a jolt in their courtship, and I think I'm being thrown into an emotional roller coaster ride. I am but I'm not. Sofia manages to build a sense of anticipation and foreboding as she slowly unfolds the story of Davison and Allergra getting together, getting to know each other, and the past that Allegra so desperately and fearfully keeps hidden. She makes you want to keep on reading and to put the book into the freezer for safekeeping as Joey from Friends does when he encounters something he is afraid to find out in a book if he keeps reading. I did both. There were moments when I had to stop to draw breath before continuing.

Allegra is a wonderful character. She's strong, she's stubborn and she's independent, but she's also afraid and has closed herself off from the world and from feeling. It's not until Davison comes into her life that she starts to see that there is more to life than hiding from it. She tries to push Davison away, citing social and class reasons, but her efforts fail in the face of Davison's persistence and attention.

I love Davison. I think that there should be more men in the world like him. Men who insist on opening the car door for you, who will walk you too your front door and see you safely home, and who will always walk on the outside to protect you from harm. Davison is at once primal and alpha, but also kind and tender. There is a sweetness to him and the way he treats Allegra is warms my heart, and the way he calls her "baby" makes me melt into a gooey, messy puddle.

I'm not one to mention secondary characters but Sofia has created a wonderful group of secondary characters who also find a way into your heart from Allegra's loving father to her quirky best friend, and even Davison's mother who does something at one point in the story that rocks. She made me fist pump the air and yell "Yeah!" with what she did. Total awesomeness.

Thank you for writing a wonderful story, Sofia. I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

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authorI'm a proud author of contemporary erotic romance. I write the Davison & Allegra series for Forever Yours. The third book in the series, FOREVER WITH HIM, will be released on August 4, 2015.

Growing up in Maplewood, New Jersey, I was a good Catholic girl who never misbehaved. If only the nuns could see me now-writing erotic romance with gorgeous Alpha heroes, strong women, and smoking hot sex scenes! I reside in New York City. I love film, travel, museums, and I'm addicted to "Scandal" and "How to Get Away with Murder." I'm also slightly obsessed with European royals and reruns of "Battle of the Network Stars" every Monday night on ESPN Classic.

Once a month, I watch "North and South" to hear Richard Armitage say, "Look back. Look back at me."

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