Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 2015 makeup and beauty favorites

It's Sunday video time again, where I post the blogginess relating to the video that has just gone up on my YouTube channel.

Today, it's time for February favorites, where I talk about the makeup and beauty products that I have enjoyed for the month of February.

February has flown past for me and I've been so busy that I just didn't even know if I was coming or going. This blog has taken a lot of my attention as I've worked on reviving it and making sure that there's plenty of content. That takes work! Then there's the Facebooking and Tweeting so everything knows about it. I've been social media crazy.

I've got some lovely products that I want to share with you this month in the video, so I won't continue to ramble and let you get on with watching the video.

Here it is:

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