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Review: Secretary (Book 1) by Alexis Blake

Book coverSecretary Book 1 by Alexis Blake
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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame

When sexy and alluring executive James Carter walks in to his office to see his new assistant holding the paddle he keeps in his top drawer, the professional barrier between boss and secretary will be changed forever.

Seeing her makes his desires boil to the surface and James takes Clara to sexual heights she has never known—right there in the middle of the office. As they explore their deepest fantasies together, Clara worries she’s made a terrible decision that she might not be able to turn back from. But with James Carter, anything is possible…

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I read this but I'm a sucker for the boss / secretary trope and that was the part in the blurb that sucked me in.

I also don't know why this book has 5 star reviews because it really isn't a 5 star read. I've given it 3 stars because it is not dreadful, I'm fond of the trope and it's decently written enough - the writing style is rather a no nonsense, straightforward sort of style. There are some typos and grammatical errors in the book, but that's easily fixed with a good editor.

This book is too short (about 30 pages) for me to determine if it's erotic romance material or just straight erotica because from what I've read it just seems like a rather ambitious woman finding her boss attractive and a rather lame excuse to have sex.

It's also too short to be able to make a judgment on plot and character development although from the way it has started I'm going to guess that the next 3 parts will see them shagging in various positions and situations while dealing with their conflicting feelings about mixing business with pleasure. Him wanting sex and being able to have it not affect their working relationship because he just finds her so gosh darned sexy and her wanting both. There was some character development with Clara as we do learn a little about her background, her ambitions and motivations, but we know next to nothing about James. Perhaps that will happen in the later installments of the series.

sec comI'm also going to guess that it has a happy ending (no spoiler here, I don't actually know this!) and they somehow work it out and end up together. So yeah, I'm thinking that this whole thing is going to be predictable. The question is, since the first book was free, am I curious enough to want to pay $2.99 for 98 pages to find out if they ended up together? I seriously don't know.

Alexis Blake does have a lot of "series" of this sort out so I'm guessing (again) that is working for her as a writing / business model. Personally, I have a gripe about serials. The individual installments do not satisfy (I could say more and rant, but I won't!). Overall, I think I would rank an individual part of a serial lower than if it was the entire story as a whole as I did with another serial series.

Would I recommend this? Probably not, but it's free and it's 30 pages. Read it and find out for yourself. It's a very short investment of your time. At the very worst, you've lost 20 minutes you won't get back. At the very best, you might need to change your knickers. :-)

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