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Friday Freebie: The Alpha Meets His Match (Shifters Inc #1) by Georgette St Clair

I do love me a good shifter story, so this week's freebie is going to be all about shifters. I'm personally partial to dragons and gargoyles, as you may well know, but I do love a good werewolf and most recently, rather obsessed with bears. No idea where the whole bear thing is coming from, but I'm digging it.

One Night of SinTitle: The Alpha Meets His Match (Shifters Inc #1)
Author: Georgette St Clair
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Publish date: 17 September 2013
Length: 234 pages
Genre: Paranormal romance
Purchase link: Amazon

Coyote shifter Bobbi Jo Simpson, top investigator for the Enforcer’s Council, is finally closing in on the ultimate prize: The Chemist, who’s been poisoning shifters all across the country for years. She’s the best at what she does, so what could possibly go wrong? Try: just about everything. She’s forced to partner up with the most stubborn, infuriating werewolf private investigator on the planet, who also happens to be her fated mate. Throw in a wily human thief who won’t stop trying to help her, a surly lion shifter who may be the death of her, a computer genius who knows too much about her...if she survives this case, it’ll be a miracle.

Wolf shifter Jax Mackenzie has never been accused of being a nice guy – but being nice doesn’t get the job done. A wolf without a pack, he works the most dangerous assignments doled out by a private security company – and his latest case is a real killer. A fatal Rage virus is spreading among the members of an elite BDSM club, and Jax is determined to get to the bottom of the case.

To get what he wants, he’ll ruthlessly use his supernatural strength, his wealthy connections, and Bobbi, the beautiful coyote shifter who’s following him for reasons of her own. But the coyote is his fated mate – and possibly his mortal enemy. Now it’s not just Jax’s heart that’s at risk – it’s his life.


Jax rushed down the alleyway before she had a chance to turn around, slamming into her and pinning her up against the wall with her head turned away from him. As he touched her, his senses roared to life and he felt a rush of desire sizzling through his veins, and a very unwelcome swelling in his crotch.

He firmly tamped down his lustful thoughts, shoving them to the back of his mind as he pinned her wrists over her head against the wall, trapping her with his body and wrapping one leg around her.
God, that felt good. Way too good.

She went rigid, and didn’t bother to struggle, staring straight ahead and drawing in deep, angry breaths. Even with her face turned away he could see that she was beautiful, her cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass, her small nose tilted impishly.

Jax bent down and breathed in her sweet scent, a mixture of citrus and wildflowers and her unique feminine aroma which smelled good enough to bottle and sell in a French boutique.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you to stay away from the big bad wolf?” he growled into her ear.

“Why no, but thanks for the advice. If I see a big bad wolf, I’ll be sure to stay away from him,” she said coolly, without the slightest quaver of fear in her voice.

Nice. A sassy one. Under different circumstances, Jax would love to have her over his knee for that. Unfortunately, odds were against them ever dating.

“Princess, you have no idea what you’re messing with. I’m flattered that you find me so irresistible, but I don’t really get turned on by chicks who stalk me. Been there, done that. I spotted you hours ago, by the way; you’re not that good.”

At that, he felt a faint tremor go through her, and he was pleased to see her jaw tighten with anger.

“You’re not turned on?” she said, moving her body against him. “So you normally carry a flashlight stuffed down the front of your pants?”

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About the author:
Georgette St. Clair is the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling author of paranormal romances. As a woman of a certain size - okay, 14 - she particularly likes to write stories with a BBW/curvy theme to them, because she can relate to them a lot better than she can relate to romances featuring pencil-thin supermodels.

Georgette loves to hear from readers so fee free to email her. Suggestions, comments, critiques, tips on how to housebreak middleaged away, folks! Mwaaah! (air-kissing sound effect.)

Georgette is hard at work on her imaginary journey into the land of hot Alpha males, but will be frequently checking her email, sales reports, and supply of dark chocolate, while continuing to refer to herself in the third person.

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