Thursday, March 19, 2015

That's not the reason for a 1 star review!

I just came across something that made me very mad.

I was browsing through the Amazon Kindle store and came across a book that looked very interesting. It had 182 x 5 star reviews and 2 x 1 star reviews. I always get very curious about people who leave 1 star reviews and like to see why they think something is worth 1 star rather than just leaving a rating and not saying anything at all, or not rating or reviewing at all.

What I saw pissed me off. Their reasons for leaving a 1 star review were invalid and it made me feel very bad for the author.

Both the people who left the 1 star reviews left them because they experience technical difficulties in opening the file on their Kindle.

That is NOT a reason to leave a 1 star review for a book, and as you can see from the comments, a lot of people felt that way. If you have a technical difficulty with a file not opening on your Kindle, it does not mean the book is bad. It means there's something wrong with the file and you need to contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service to get it resolved. They will either send you and updated file to your Kindle, or perhaps even refund you your money if they can't get it to work.

I'm repeating myself, but IT DOES NOT MEAN THE BOOK IS BAD and deserves a 1 star review.

Even the author chimed in and said she would send them a copy of the book if they emailed her and removed the 1 star review. While I normally would frown upon an author chiming in on a review given to them, especially if they start arguing with the reviewer (I've seen that happen, it is not pretty) I think that this time, the author has a valid point.

There's something wrong with the Kindle file. I'll send you one that works, then you can read the book and give it a fair review.

A review should be about the content of the book. How you enjoyed or didn't enjoy the story. What you liked or didn't like about the characters, plot, etc.

A review is not for you to vent having technical difficulties with your Kindle not opening a file.

What about if you were reading a hard copy book, like a paperback, for instance? What happens if your dog chews up the last half of the book and you can't finish it. Does that mean you will give the book a 1 star review because your lost half the book to your doggy's chewing habits? I think not!

It's exactly the same as a Kindle file not opening. Think about it as your virtual doggy chewing up your book. It doesn't deserve a 1 star review.

I think those two people should not be allowed to own Kindles, let alone read, or they should stick to paper books. Clearly, technology as simple as the Kindle is beyond their capabilities.

This pissed me off so much I wrote a whole blog post about it. Then I went out and bought the book to support the author (plus it also sounded like something I would want to read!).

<Rant over!>

What about you? Have you come across something that has pissed you off recently?

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