Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shopping at Chanel for the first time

Chanel 1
Marianne and I at the Chanel counter. You haven't been there unless you've taken a selfie of it. :-p

When I was in the US last year (yes, I know, I'm still talking about my US trip, but ... one trip in 3 years, it's a big deal!) I was reunited with my bestie, Marianne. Marianne and I met in Doha, Qatar about 7 years ago, when both our husbands were working there and we went along for the ride. Qatar was a difficult place for women what with it being a Middle Eastern country and not being able to find work easily. Marianne and I bonded over books, coffee, shopping and church. At least once a week, we would go shopping together and that was an adventure in itself because just getting groceries was many trips to many stores just to get basics since inventory control was so awful over there. To digress, maybe I'll post some of my old blogs from our time there. Any interest?

Marianne getting Mac Satin Taupe on her lids.

Anyway, long story short, Marianne and her husband both moved to the same city where Steve's parents live (for that we are most grateful) and we were able to hang out again. We got together 5 or 6 times in the short while that we were there (goes to show how special they are) and on one of those days, Steve took us shopping. Actually, he came with us, we had lunch together, then he went off to find a good spot for wifi and hunkered down. In the meantime, we went to town at the big Macy's store downtown. We hit the Nars counter, the Chanel counter and the Mac counter and did some damage.

Chanel 2
Marianne getting her makeover at Chanel.

There's something to be said about going beauty and makeup shopping with your bestest girlfriend / shopping buddy. We had such a fun time trying on stuff.

 I talk about this in my Chanel haul video, but I had always wanted to try Chanel and since Marianne was with me, I dragged her along to try everything with me. We both got makeovers and spent a couple of hours at the counter. Fortunately, it was a Tuesday and not very busy, so it worked out great. We had a blast.

Chanel 3
All the things I got to try while I was playing at the Chanel counter.

I got my face completely done with foundations that I wanted to try and seriously, Chanel foundations are amazing. If you haven't tried them yet, head over to a Chanel counter and try some out. You won't be sorry ... though I have to say, the price is a bit ouchie! That's why I waited till we got to the US before I got any. The prices in the US were half what they are in Australia. At the time, the exchange rate was pretty good, so I still saved a lot of money. The exchange rate now is not as good, so it is costing more.

Here's what I bought from the Chanel shopping day with Marianne from my haul video.

Do you love Chanel makeup? Have you tried any? Let me know. I'm curious and I want to know.

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