Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Let's chat and what I'm reading now #8

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Gosh, it's been a while since I've done a "Let's chat." Not that I had nothing to say, but life has been busy and the bloggity schedule has been a little tight and there were other things to talk about.

Speaking of the bloggity schedule, I haven't had a chance to do any extra posts recently and have struggled to stick to one a week. No, no, don't worry, I'm not changing anything, but I thought that I might have time to sneak in the odd extra post now and then. Well, that didn't quite work out in the last many months!!

Anyhoo... before getting stuck into today's post, I looked back at the last Let's Chat post and checked to see what I was rambling on about. It would appear that it was over six months ago and I had just joined TikTok. Well, that's been a journey, eh?

I'm not on TikTok as much right now and I haven't posted a video in yonks. As I stated originally, I joined to help Steve understand yet another social media platform hoping to help him with his book promo. News flash! There's no understanding TikTok. It's entirely algorithm driven and the minute you think you've figured out, it changes. They change the algorithm every month and no one really knows what drives it. Why did this video go viral? Why did this video get lots of engagement? Why did this video tank? Zero clue. The so-called experts often say to do what has worked in the past and just repeat it over and over. Guess what? That doesn't work. I see people in groups frequently asking for success tips. Nope, there are none. I've watched a ton of videos and read a heap of articles, and one consistent thing I've found? These experts are just rehashing the same advice over and over, just tweaked a little here and there. And guess what? Most of that doesn't work. There's this one guy who constantly posts videos each month talking about what to do because TikTok has changed its algorithm AGAIN. Watch enough of his videos each month and you find he's just repeating himself slightly differently each month. But he's basically saying the same thing over and over. So yeah, no, there's no magic bullet to TikTok. It's a combination of smarts, creativity, and just being damned lucky. Maybe the next time I do this, I'll talk about the people on TIkTok who have hit it big because they are clever marketers, but have dud products. If I forget, remind me.


On the reading front, I just finished Jessa Kane's latest book, As If I Wouldn't Fall. In typical Jessa Kane fashion, it's hot. Super duper hot.  Like, hey, I need a fan and a cold drink hot. 🔥🔥🔥🧨🧨🧨 It blows my mind though that she writes about 18-year-old characters and I have a hard time wrapping my head around them being this intense and obsessed. I remember what I was like when I was eighteen. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ But hey, it's a damn good read. I'm not sure what I'm going to read next. I've had attention span issues so I've been gravitating towards shorter books of late, but I promised a friend I'd check out some romantic suspense authors for her so I might bite the bullet and do that. Although, why do so many of those books have to be over 300 pages long?  Some are over 400 pages long. That's just too long for my very short attention span. If you've got any good romantic suspense authors, rec them in the comments. A few I love are Anna Hackett and Julie Rowe.

As If I Wouldn't Fall by Jessa Kane

Finally, if you've been waiting for an Audible deal, if you enjoy audiobooks, Audible is having a sale where if you subscribe now, you get four months for $5.95 instead of the usual $14.95 and you get a credit for each of those four months. After the  four months at $5.95 it reverts back to $14.95. You can cancel at any time, and you can subscribe here. I grabbed it because I like having an Audible membership but I don't like paying full price, so I tend to wait for deals and then subscribe for a little while.

Right. This has gone longer than usual. Goes to show I should ramble more. I do plenty of that on my personal social media. It's a wonder people still read my posts. LOL.

So, that's it for my ramblings. I hope you had as much fun with it as I did putting this together. Tell me what you want to see more of on the bloggity. I'd love to accomodate you.

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  1. My favourite romantic suspense author's are Toni Anderson and Kaylea cross

    1. I've read one of Toni Anderson's and I need to go back and read more of hers. I have most of her books in audio as I bought a lot of them during the sales. Her narrator is one of my all time favorite narrators and I'm partial to male narrators. On your rec, I've also started Kaylea Cross. Her narrator for some of her books is Jeffery Kafer. Another favorite. I'm listening to Marked right now which I found I already had.

  2. Morning Deanna

    I enjoy the things you talk about and seeing the book reviews, I am not on TikTok I am busy enough with what I do and of course keeping up with the huge TBR pile I have :)

    Have Fun


    1. I've been behind on book reviews. I think I need to do a few more of those.