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It's nothing like what you described #1

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I'm in a great book group that is focused a lot of helping people find books they can't remember the name of. Anything from recent books they forgot to bookmark to books they read a long time ago that they want to read again but can't remember the title or author and need help. And I love this group. Usually, books get found super fast.

But you know what cracks me the heck up? I often read a post and think, hey, that sounds pretty good. And then I read the blurb and maybe even the Look Inside and think, that's nothing like the book this person described. Often the person focuses on one aspect of the book and that's pretty much it. They want to reread a particular scene or one scene is haunting them and they can't get it out of their mind.

Take this one request, for example. I thought it sounded pretty good.

Quotes:Hi everyone! I'm in search of a romance book I read years ago. The main character was a woman who was escaping a domestic violence case. Once the abuser was locked up, she started taking Krav Maga classes and moved somewhere else (I believe). Once there, she met a guy who I believe was pretty well off, because I think he had a yacht of sorts. After they fall for each other, she notices a picture on the mantel that looks like her. It ends up being a picture of her sister who is now dead. I can't really remember what comes of that, or if she even knew about this sister. In the end, her abuser gets out of jail and comes looking for her. She uses her Krav Maga skills and kills him.
This book had so many vibes from the movie, Enough. I read it on my Kindle, but every time I search through my Kindle books, I swear I can't find it.
Thank you!

And someone found the book for the requester pretty quickly. I like romantic suspense and this sounded like a romantic suspense plot, so I went to check it out. Imagine my surprise when I find out it's a trilogy and it's dark, and it sounds nothing like what the requester asked for. I was actually thinking I'd like to read the book until I found out it's three books and it's dark, especially with a title that's called Web of Hate: A Twisted Romantic Suspense Thriller. Even the blurb sounds dark. And angsty. With lots of drama. No, sadly, not my thing. A lot of other people were interested in it though, judging by the number of follows the post had.

Web of Hate by Kylie Walker

Not dissing the book, or the requester, or the people who want to read it. It just makes me laugh, and this is only one example, where the book sounds nothing like what was asked for except for a few key aspects. It's enough to find the book, of course, but for me, upon further inspection, even though what they requested sounded interesting, the book itself is not for me.

So there's no point to this one. Just something that I thought of in my wanderings around the bookish world. But have you ever encountered something like this before? Where you hear someone describing a book and thinking, oh, that sounds good, but then in reality, it's not for you? Tell me, I want to know.

Also, I have no idea if this is even interesting to the bloggity readers as a topic, so I've left it open that I can do it as a series, but if it's not interesting enough, let me know. Or if you like it and want more examples as I come across them, let me know too. I find these super fun, but I also have a very strange sense of humor.

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