Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What Deanna Read #81: October 2022

Greetings!! I'm a little late, but as they say, better late than never. I considered rushing to get this out on time but I'm still recovering from being poorly and jet lag, although, I think I'm mostly over the jet lag, and it's just being poorly. This traveling stuff... it gets harder and harder the older I get. And being away from home for two months is too long. It wasn't really a holiday. We spent time with Steve's mom, looking after her, and dealing with end of life stuff for her. She's eighty-nine and legally blind, and in the throes of getting her affairs sorted. It was A LOT. Plus throw in more work than I anticipated, and it was, yeah, A LOT. I'm slowly settling back to being home and hope to be completely back on deck by next week. Fingers crossed for me, gang. Surprisingly, the reading front was not terrible, but there were a lot of short books and some rereads. I needed my comfort reads.

Here's what I read for the month.

Big Ol' Beard by Cassie Mint
Big Ol' Beard
Mission Uncovered by Anna Hackett
Maddie Mine by Rena Marks
Your Daddy Likes It by Alexa Riley

The Boss by Melanie Moreland
The Boss
Second In Command by Melanie Moreland
Talk Dirty To Me by Michelle Miles
Talk Dirty To Me
Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna

The Dean by Cassie Mint
The Dean
Avenging Amy by Annabelle Winters
Avenging Amy
Bite Me by Piper J Drake
Bite Me
Protective Heart by Brighton Walsh
Protective Heart

Forced By The Enforcer by Ever Lilac
Forced By The Enforcer
Zombie Wolf of Piston
Zombie Wolf of Piston
Back In The Saddle by Gia Bailey
Back In The Saddle
Bossy Beard by Cassie Mint
Bossy Beard

Taken By The Bikers by Stephanie Brother
Taken By The Bikers
Athica Lane by Brynne Asher
Athica Lane
Unexpected Queen by Mink
Unexpected Queen
Rough and Tumble, Chapters 1 to 5 by Rhenna Morgan
Rough and Tumble: Chapters 1 to 5

Sweetwater and the Witch by Jayne Castle
Sweetwater And The Witch
Bring Me Back by Kristen Granata
Bring Me Back
Lonely Beard by Cassie Mint
Lonely Beard
The Lumber Hunks by Dani Wyatt
The Lumber Hunks

Take Me Home by Cassie Mint
Take Me Home

A few more books than I thought last month, but I did make an effort to get through some books that I had sitting in my Kindle Unlimited library that I'd borrowed ages ago. Some were great, some not so much.

Also, I did a few rereads, mainly Take Me Home and The Dean by Cassie Mint because she has become somewhat of an obsession. I love her writing and when I'm in the mood for something that will make me feel good, it's Cassie Mint. And I've blown through her back list, so I'm onto rereads now and she's one of those few authors that I can easily reread. That's saying something, because I don't reread much. I can count on one hand what I've reread in the last decade excluding Ms Mint's books and that's a recent development.

Aside from that, I'm behind on TS Joyce's books as she's been releasing more recently so I haven't finished her previous series, The Wolves of Promise Falls, but I dived right into Zombie Wolf of Piston because my reading buddy, Rena, had read it and she wanted to talk about it. So, I hunkered down and blew through it. Excellent. All the feels. All the humor. Ms Joyce never disappoints.

I also caught up on the new Jayne Castle book from her Ghost Hunters series, Sweetwater And The Witch. I love the dance Ms Castle always has between her hero and heroine as they feel each other out, trying to decide if they trust each other, if they want to work with each other, as they fall in love. It's always so satisfying.

I had about 17 hours between transit and flying to get partway home from the US and I decided to get stuck into a series that I've been wanting to read. It's the Men of Hidden Justice series by Melanie Moreland. It's more contemporary with a touch of suspense than pure romantic suspense but still wonderful reads. I love Ms Moreland's writing. The Boss and Second-In-Command both held my attention wonderfully in the long wait in the airline lounge and on the airplane. 

Also, you remember when there was this reading app going around advertising about this "book" where it opens with some guy ringing his boss and says something to the extent of "hey boss, you know your wife? I just saw her at the airport, and she has a X month old baby that looks just like you." And then the boss is like all, follow her, and calls people to stop the plane from taking off and calls someone else to get a helicopter to take him to that airport? Book 3 in the series, The Commander is EXACTLY like that. There's even a meme. If you've ever seen the meme or seen the ad for the reading app and wanted to read the book and not wanted to spend the money on those terrible reading apps, well, this is the book (or series) to read because it's written by a fantastic author and it's a great story. I promise it will be well written and worth reading.

The Commander by Melanie Moreland

And finally, new to me author Kristen Granata with Bring Me Back. This is a tough book. It deals with attempted suicide, depression, and mental health issues. It's a hard read, but also beautifully written. There's so much depth and care and respect in handling the mental health issues discussed in the book but treated in such a way that it's positive and uplifting while shining a light on it. There's pain, but also so much hope, love, and strength. It's worth reading.

That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. very poor month in October, owing to being on holiday for 3 weeks. Only looks better owing to bonus epilogues. A large backlog to get through in November, plus new books of course. Here goes…

    1 Black Velvet by Lynn Raye Harris. Black's Bandits #7

    2 Marked for Menace by Susan Hayes. Crashed and Claimed #4

    3 Marked for Menace Bonus Epilogue by Susan Hayes. Crashed and Claimed #4.5

    4 Unsanctioned by Kaylea Cross. Crimson Point Protectors #4

    5 Vortex by Cara Bristol. Cyborg Force #3

    6 Naomi by Tasha Black. Alien Surrogate Agency #4

    7 Naomi bonus epilogue by Tasha Black. Alien Surrogate Agency #3


    1. Any reading is good reading. Are you home now?

    2. Yes, I'm back home now. Starting to get back into the reading habit

    3. Nice. It's good to get back into a routine. Did you get Anna Hackett's new book from the Protector Romance Book Club? Mission: Uncovered? Or do you only read her sci-fi books?

    4. Oh yes, I've got the AH book lined up. I read all her books. Haven't got round to her very early ones yet though.

    5. Oh good. It's short but very enjoyable. Classic AH. I've read most of the recent series right back to Hell Squad. I'm waiting for the Phoenix Adventures to rerelease before reading them. I've read the first few in that series even though I have them all. And there are a few shorter, smaller series where I haven't read them all yet, like the Anomaly series and the Warriors of the Wind series.

    6. Yes, ditto. I've read the first 2 Phoenix books, but not the rest. Likewise with the other 2 you mention. A few harlequin type early books too

    7. I think I've read all the Harlequin ones.

  2. You did get some reading in fabulous, nothing better than falling a good book :)

    have Fun


    1. Ah yes, even if it was just falling into a comfort reread, it's wonderful.