Thursday, August 18, 2022

What Helen Read #74: July 2022

Y'all, I am so behind. Do you know what it's like trying to catch up after losing two weeks to being sick? Argh! So much work to do. Last week, on Thursday, I looked at my to-do list and it said 32 items outstanding. That does not include current to-dos. Only the overdue ones. I did a big push on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get to 17 items outstanding. Yesterday, Tuesday, I was at 13 items outstanding, but today, I'm back at 15 items outstanding, so it would appear that I am falling behind again. Yikes. Anyway...

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

The Family String by Denise Picton
The Family String
The Talk Around Town by Dakota Harrison
The Talk Around Town
Accidentally Working Class by Karly Lane
Accidentally Working Class
Heart of the Firefighter by Jennifer Jansen
Heart of the Firefighter

Outback Escape The Sister by Annie Seaton
Outback Escape: The Sister
The Brightest Star by Emma Harcourt
The Brightest Star
The Lost Sister of Fift Avenue by Ella Carey
The Lost Daughter Of Fifth Avenue
The Angry Women's Choir by Meg Bignell
The Angry Women's Choir (Amazon AU)

Amulet of Death by Suzanne Gilchrist
Amulet of Death
The River Gum Cottage by Leonie Kelsall
The River Gum Cottage
Remember Love by Mary Balogh
Remember Love
His Doctor At Sea by Fiona McArthur
His Doctor At Sea

Hard Road Home by Fiona Marsden
Hard Road Home
The Perils of Poison by Megan Mayfair
The Perils of Poison
The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson
The Jigsaw Man
Pregnancy Shock For The Greek Billionaire by Kandy Shepherd
Pregnancy Shock For The Greek Billionaire

The Rake's Daughter by Anne Gracie
The Rake's Daughter
His Desert Bride By Demand by Lela May Wight
His Desert Bride By Demand
While You Were In The Country by Eva Scott
While You Were In The Country
False Trust by Steve Shipley
False Trust

Helen always has a fabulous reading month. Let's see what stood out for her.

Wow, where do I start?

Anne Gracie has a new book out, The Rake's Daughter, and it is wonderful. I loved it. Also Ella Carey’s The Lost Daughter Of Fifth Avenue is a beautiful story.

Kandy Shepherd’s newest book, Pregnancy Shock For The Greek Billionaire is a must read. I loved the hero, Stefanos.

Fiona Marsden’s new one, Hard Road Home is her best yet I think.

Accidentally Working Class from Karly Lane was a fun read and Meg Bignell’s The Angry Women's Choir was filled with emotions and I highly recommend it.

Leonie Kelsall and Eva Scott have new rural romances out that are must reads. The River Gum Cottage and While You Were In The Country. Both excellent.

And a new author with a fabulous debut, Steve Shipley’s False Trust was a compelling read and one that I do highly recommend.

Lots of good reading again 😊

Have fun, Helen.

Well, that's it for what Helen read. What did you think? Did you read the same books? Different books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. I really love seeing all of those covers together, so many great books :)

    Have Fun


    1. Putting together the book covers like that is a lot of work but man, I do like seeing them all together. They look good like that, don't they?