Saturday, August 13, 2022

What Deanna Read #78: July 2022

Oh lordy, I am so behind. This time, it's because we got sick and well, though I'm pretty much recovered, I'm taking it a bit easier so I don't relapse and then there's also my mile long to-do list that is shocking. I'm not sure what the reading for July looks like as I haven't gone through the list. I'll discover it as I put this together. Hang tight! Another month of lots of Cassie Mint though. I know that.

Here's what I read for the month.

Silver Fox by Cassie Mint
Silver Fox
Blade by Cassie Mint
Craving Justice by Fiona Archer
Beach Baby by Cassie Mint

Hot Spring Kingpin by Cassie Mint
Hot Spring Kingpin
With The Band by Cassie Mint
With The Band
Long Hot Summer The Complete Collection by Cassie Mint
Long Hot Summer: The Complete Collection
This is (Not) Enough by Anna Kang
This Is (Not) Enough

Praise by Sara Cate
My Cookie by CM Steele
My Cookie
Kali and the King by Natalia Prim
Kali And The King
Rancher Dragon by Terry Bolryder
Rancher Dragon

Live Model by Cassie Mint
Life Model
Wild Obsession by Cassie Mint
Wild Obsession: Books 1-4
Teacher's Pet The Complete Series by Cassie Mint
Teacher's Pet: The Complete Series
My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood
My Evil Mother

Winter Warmers by Cassie Mint
Winter Warmers: Books 1-6
Safe Haven by Jarica James
Safe Haven
Kiss of Life by Cassie Mint
Kiss Of Life
Protecting Zoey by Mink
Protecting Zoey

Always Be His Baby by Aria Cole
Always Be His Baby
A Five-Minute Life by Emma Scott
A Five-Minute Life
Ocean Jewel by Cassie Mint
Ocean Jewel
The Rescue by Julie Weaver
The Rescue

July feels like such a long time away, but there you have it, all the books I read for the month. As I said, A LOT of Cassie Mint. I'm still on the comfort reading train. And I also went through her back list and binge read everything that I hadn't read before and caught up on all her books. I even reread one of them. Blade. It's one of my favorites. So sweet and quirky and cute.

I read a few new authors during the month and there were a few stand outs. A Five-Minute Life by Emma Scott. Amazing. It's so heart-wrenching and emotional and intense, but also beautifully written. It's about a woman who was in a car accident and can only remember her life five minutes at a time. It hits hard as her and the hero work hard to give her a life worth living while falling in love. They had to fight hard for their love and the life they wanted for themselves. I have tears in my eyes now just remembering the story while typing this up. Go read it.

Safe Haven by Jarica James is another one. A wonderful sweet omegaverse which is just the type of omegaverse I like, but with a twist. It's got a tragic start with the heroine finding herself pregnant from an assault and being thrown out of her family. I loved her fight and her strength in this story.

No Anna Hackett last month since there was no book release in July for her. But hey, August, Ms Hackett released a new book to a new series and it is awesome. Stay tuned for that.

That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. I hope hope you are feeling much better soon don't rush things, you still I am glad that you enjoyed the books you read and I hope that you still manage to get some reading in :)

    Have Fun


    1. It was a pretty decent month even though a lot of the books were on the shorter side.

  2. Glad you're on the mend. A good month for me in July. Started a bit slow as I find Christine Feehan a bit slow paced, though I loved the book. Soon picked up momentum though with a few novellas and epilogue. 🥁

    1 Red on the River by Christine Feehan. Sunrise Lake #2

    2 Conard County Conspiracy by Rachel Lee. Conard County the next Generation #52

    3 Ride the Tide by Julie Ann Walker. Deep Six #3. Had this series on hold for a few years. Not sure why. Think because there was a gap between books early on.

    4 Deeper than the Ocean by Julie Ann Walker. Deep Six #4

    5 Brutal by Sandra R Neeley. Variant #5

    6 Shot Across the Bow by Julie Ann Walker. Deep Six #5

    7 Dead in the Water by Julie Ann Walker. Deep Six #6. This was a great finalè to the series

    8 The Beresford by Will Carver. This was different. Read it in one go

    9 Tolstoy by Tasha Black. Stargazer Alien Barbarian Brides #1

    10 Sapphire Sunset by C Travis Rice. Sapphire Cove #1

    11 Gale Force by Cara Bristol. Cyborg Force #2

    12 The Unmatchmakers by Jackie Lau

    13 Alien Ruler needs a Nanny by Tasha Black. Alien Nanny Agency #3

    14 Alien Ruler needs a Nanny bonus epilogue by Tasha Black. Alien Nanny Agency #3.5

    15 The Trouble with Whiskey: Dare Whiskey by Melissa Foster. The Whiskeys. Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch #2

    16 The Professor's Date by Lane Hayes. The Script Club #5

    17 Signal Moon by Kate Quinn. Novella.

    18 Talinn by Veronica Scott. Badari Gladiators #3. From Claimed among the Stars Anthology

    19 Sudden Impact by Kaylea Cross. Crimson Point Protectors #3

    20 Over the Edge by Cindy Dees. Valkyrie Ops #2

    21 Ex Marks the Perfect Spot by Cynthia Eden. Wilde Ways #16


    1. Hey Gill, you had a great month. Wow, a lot of Deep Six. Were you catching up on the series?

      That new Christine Feehan series looks interesting. I've got it on my very long list to get to at some point.

    2. Yes, this Christine Feehan series, of 2 so far, is really good.
      Also, yes, I was catching up on the Deep 6 series esp as the last one was just released. There was a big gap at bfter book 2 or 3, and I lost interest. But it really was a great series. Finally.

    3. I need to catch up on the new TS Joyce books. She released two new books almost back to back, only a few weeks apart so I haven't read them yet. I need to really get to them since she tends to release quite frequently.