Monday, April 5, 2021

What Deanna Read #62: March 2021

Hey there! How are you going? It's April already and time to recap what I read in March. What??? It's been a bit of a bingey month. Correction, it's been a lot of a bingey month. I read a lot of TS Joyce and Jessa Kane. I'm kind of addicted to TS Joyce's books, her writing style, and her stories. Soooo good. There was a little bit of Madison Faye and Melanie Moreland thrown in too. That's been pretty much my month. I did try to branch out a little bit but that didn't last long. I'm in the kind of mood right now where I'm falling back into authors I love knowing that I'd enjoy what I'm going to read.

That's it from me. I hope everyone is well. My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe.

Here's what I read for the month.

My Husband, My Stalker by Jessa Kane
My Husband, My Stalker

A Serving Of Forever by Jessa Kane
A Serving Of Forever

A Dash Of Spice by Jessa Kane
A Dash Of Spice

My Best Friend, My Stalker
My Best Friend, My Stalker

Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan
Make It Sweet

Wetwork by Nikolai Andrew

Bear The Burn by TS Joyce
Bear The Burn

How It Has To Be by TS Joyce
How It Has To Be

Axman Werebear by TS Joyce
Axman Werebear

Her Mountain Man Stalker by Gia Bailey
Her Mountain Man Stalker

Breaking The Bully by Jessa Kane
Breaking The Bully

Doctor Babymaker by Madison Faye
Doctor Babymaker

Home Forever by Cee Bowerman
Home Forever

The Specialist by Anna Hackett
The Specialist

Dario's Jewel by ChaShiree M
Dario's Jewel

Yes, Alpha by Merel Pierce
Yes, Alpha

His Hard Mountain Wood
His Hard Mountain Wood

A Merry Vested Wedding by Melanie Moreland
A Merry Vested Wedding

Coach's Daughter by Jessa Kane
Coach's Daughter

Taming Her by Lily Harlem
Taming Her

Sawman Werebear by TS Joyce
Sawman Werebear

Bear My Soul by TS Joyce
Bear My Soul

Sandstorm's Promise by Maddie Wade
Sandstorm's Promise

How It's Supposed To Be by TS Joyce
How It's Supposed To Be

Sandy by Melanie Moreland

Halton by Melanie Moreland

The Amendment by Melanie Moreland
The Amendment

Her Mountain Man Protector
Her Mountain Man Protector

A Madness Of Sunshine by Nalini Singh
A Madness Of Sunshine

Tuff Enough by TS Joyce
Tuff Enough

Timberman Werebear by TS Joyce
Timberman Werebear

Swim Deeper by TS Joyce
Swim Deeper

I don't need to rave more about how much I love TS Joyce's books. I've been binge reading her the last two months. I read a whopping nine of her books last month. Some favorites though, her new series, How It's Supposed To Be featuring bear shifter brothers who are supposed to let their line die off and not mate is fantastic. There's so much feeling in them. Another favorite is Bear My Soul. I usually don't love second chance romances with secret babies but man, Ms Joyce did this well.

I read a lot of Jessa Kane this month but the favorite of the month is Breaking The Bully. I'm not usually into bully romances and this is new for her, but the bullying is light and over quickly and the hero is so beautifully remorseful over what he did that it's just wonderful.

It's been ages since I've indulged in some sexy Madison Faye and this month I decided to read a few of her books. They are all so lush and sexy. I continued with her Blackthorn Mountain series with His Hard Mountain Wood. Holy moly! It burned my Kindle.

I made a serious effort to get through the Vested Interest and The Contract series by Melanie Moreland this month. Her writing is always beautiful and leaves me feeling emotional. The Amendment was beautiful with so much trauma as Richard recovers from a serious injury.

Two new to me authors I've enjoyed. One a male romance writer. Wetwork by Nikolai Andrew was great. Hot, sexy, intense. And Gia Bailey with her mountain men series, Journey's Close, Alaska. Her Mountain Man Protector and Her Mountain Man Stalker were fun reads.

That's it from me. What did you read this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for what Helen read too.

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  1. Another fabulous month for you, which is always good especially if you are thoroughly enjoying them and it seems like you are.

    I too had a good month and enjoying what I am reading

    Have Fun


    1. Any month with lots of reading is a good month. :-)

  2. Hi. It was a good month in March. Didn't think it would be but a sudden rush towards the end. Plus a few short stories/novellas bumped up the numbers. Also made a start on my backlist of tbr books this month. It's supposed to be 1 per month but hmmm. And a new series from Jordan L Hawk. Fab. I certainly hope you keep this feature in some shape or form.

    1 The Captive Shifter by Veronica Scott. The magic of Claddare #1. One from the backlist.

    2 Pieces of Perfect by Brenda Novak. Free novella from author.

    3 The Cowboy's Deadly Reunion by Cindy Dees. Runaway Ranch #2

    4 Winter Solstice Dream by Veronica Scott. Magic of Claddare Novella. Another backlist

    5 Hold True by Leah Ashton. Elite SWAT #5

    6 Starting from the Top by Lane Hayes. Starting from #5

    7 Lightning Game by Christine Feehan. Ghost Walkers #17. This is more like it. No endless pages of repetitive sex.

    8 Perfect Matcha by Erin Mclellan. Bold Brew #3

    9 Filthy Rich Prince by Lynn Raye Harris

    10 Humanity's Endgame by Eve Langlais

    11 The Ladies of the Secret Circus by Constance Sayers. This was listed on Veronica Scott's blog, and, well, it had me at circus. A wonderful creepy atmospheric read. Loved it.

    12 Blind Tiger by Jordan L Hawk. The Pride #1. Fabulous start to a new series set in the author's Hexworld.

    13 Colony on Fire by Veronica Scott. Haven Colony #2. The Sectors SF Romance Series

    14 Cup of Joe by Annabeth Albert. Bold Brew #1

    15 Vanilla Steamer by Crystal Lacy. Bold Brew #4

    16 Vanilla Steamer Bonus story by Crystal Lacy. Bold Brew #4.5. Bonus from author's website

    17 Falling for Irish by Katie Reus. MacArthur Family Series #1

    18 Unintended Target by Katie Reus. MacArthur Family Series #2

    19 All Systems Red by Martha Wells. Murderbot diaries #1. This was fantastic. Def a Marvin the Paranoid Android feel about it. Longing to read rest of series but need to wait till costs come down. Not a romance.

    20 Rebel by Sally Malcolm. Outlawed prequel

    21 Starting from Family by Lane Hayes. Starting from 5.5. Freebie from author's newsletter

    22 The Specialist by Anna Hackett. Norcross Security #3


    1. You had a great month. I've been meaning to try Katie Reus. How is she?

      And wasn't The Specialist awesome? I enjoyed it a great deal Loved Easton.

  3. Yes, I love The Specialist. Esp the Miss Carlson/Mr Norcross vibe. I do like Katie Reus but find her a bit hit and miss. I prefer Kaylea Cross

    1. Kaylea Cross is another one that's on my to read list. I will get to her at some point. I'm looking forward to The Bodyguard which is Rome's story with the princess that's next in the Norcross series. Loving that series.