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Review: Wetwork (The Anti-Heroes #1) by Nikolai Andrew

Wetwork by Nikolai Andrew

Wetwork (The Anti-Heroes #1) by Nikolai Andrew
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Wetwork by Nikolai Andrew

Wetwork is the debut solo work of Mr Andrew and it's hot, sexy, and intense. Between the danger, Stringer's crazy skills, and Raven's antics, this is one heck of a ride.

First off, I want to say, kudos Mr Andrew, I enjoyed you solo work. I tend to avoid men writing romance because I've read a few that haven't been great and I've seen way too many memes about men writing romance that are totally cringeworthy. Not so Mr Andrew's work. In fact, if it weren't for his name on the cover, I'd be hard pressed to identify the gender of the writer. It's just good fiction that's well written. Regardless of gender. All this to say, if ever seeing a man's name on the cover of a romance novel gives you pause, don't. Not this one anyway. This is just good writing.

I love Stringer. Of course, I would. He's a total bada** even if he's retired and he's suffering from an injury that causes him problems. Despite that, he is deadly and dangerous to those who wrong him. I love that about him. He's also possessive and protective. Another thing I love about him. And the extent he goes to protect what he considers his has me in raptures. It's so crazy over the top and I love it.

Raven has me hesitating. I'm not a fan of bratty heroines and Raven is a pain in the rear end. She's brash, petulant, and in general behaves like a brat. It's a good thing Stringer likes the fire and feistiness in her. It does improve when she settles down. She certainly needs Stringer's control and order to get in line and behave herself.

I've enjoyed this first foray into romance for Mr Andrew on his own. I'm certainly going to be reading more of his books but I'm kinda hoping for less bratty heroines that make me want to put them over my knee or better yet, have them over the heroes knee for a sound thrashing.

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  1. Sounds very interesting :)

    Have Fun


    1. It was certainly different from what I normally read.