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Review: Keeping Her Secrets (Suspenseful Seduction World) by Maddie Wade

Keeping Her Secrets by Maddie Wade

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Keeping Her Secrets by Maddie Wade blurb

Keeping Her Secrets is filled with secrets and pain, patience and passion as Mari and Ash navigate a perilous situation with a mysterious enemy. Everything happening around them will either bring them closer together or split them apart forever.

I have never read Samantha A Cole's Trident Security series so this crossover is a taste of that world for me with Ms Wade bringing the Fortis and Zenobi men and women into their midst. I particularly enjoyed the overtones of the BDSM lifestyle into Ms Wade's writing and the way she handled it. It was at exactly the level I like my kink to be. Subtle.

Mari has been on her own for a long time and intends to keep it that way. She has serious trust issues and is hiding a world of hurt behind her professional persona. Underneath the facade though, she's lonely, frightened, and fearful while being sassy, tough, and intimidating. It takes a man like Ash to see through all her masks and shields to the woman beneath and help her recognise her worth and her importance.

I liked Ash a lot. He's strong, protective and just dominant enough to be sexy without being overwhelming. He's also patient and sincere. His genuine interest and concern for Mari coupled with his quiet confidence and skill slowly break down Mari's walls. He's exactly the kind of man who can take on a woman like Mari and help her to be everything she's meant to be. Happy. Fulfilled. Content.

Even though this is not a very long book Ms Wade manages to pack a lot into it. The pacing is great and the entire story flows well. For those of us (me! me!) unfamiliar with the Trident world, it's a glimpse into it with the introduction of some of the Trident Security team members. And for those of us familiar with the Fortis team it's a chance to reconnect with old friends. I'm thinking I might pick up the first book in the Trident series and give it a read.

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