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Review: The 25 Men of Christmas by Cassie James, Christine Kelsey, and B C Morgan

The 25 Men of Christmas by Cassie James, Christine Kelsey, and B C Morgan

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Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame

The 25 Men of Christmas by Cassie James, Christine Kelsey, and B C Morgan blurb

The 25 Men of Christmas is a fun, sexy, festive read, full of Christmas cheer, sexy times, and an entire rugby team of hotness.

When I first started reading reverse harem books, I told my Steve what it was I was reading and he jokingly said something about dating an entire sports team. I laughed because I thought that would be just too many guys since an American football team has about fifty-five men on the team. That's a lot of ccck. And lo, a Christmas reverse harem with twenty-five men. Let me tell you, that boggles my mind. That's a lot of me. I was definitely curious since the largest harem I've read before this was ten men.

For starters, I'm sure you're all curious about how the authors managed to keep all twenty-five men straight. Let me say, they did a bang-up (pun intended!) job on that. I didn't manage to learn all their names, but they each got a sexy chapter of their own and each chapter was creative and unique. For as many men as there are, the authors managed to make them all different. For me, some stood out more than others because their personalities resonated more with me, but for the most part, I liked all of them. And since this is Christmas themed, the whole sexy men Advent calendar was hella fun. I even liked how the authors managed to get around all the guys without it being overwhelming and it seeming like just one giant orgy. They put a lot of heart and feeling into the way they set up the guys' relationship and feelings for Gemma.

I liked Gemma a lot. She's sweet, kind, fun, generous, but also tough and confident. She has moments of doubt, who wouldn't, but for the most part, she's greatly self-aware. She treats each and every man with kindness and generosity, and lots of sexiness. I liked that she loved them all equally and didn't play favorites even if I, as a reader had favorites, but then I'm biased like that.

I wasn't expecting the black moment and I didn't entirely like the way that played out. It seemed a little rushed and thrown in just for the sake of drama. I felt it was unnecessary and didn't add to the story or the impact of their relationship and emotions at all. That said, I did feel bad of Gemma because the guys were being rather bullheaded and needed a big swift kick up the backside.

And finally, with the ending, I would have liked another extended epilogue to show how they were as a group and how they settled into their relationship long term and how the dynamics of sharing one woman between so many men worked.

I'm hoping Cara, Gemma's best friend gets her own giant reverse harem story with her new job. There are hints where that might be a possibility and I really hope it happens. Maybe a Valentine's Day special for Cara? I'd definitely be up for reading that.

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