Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What Deanna Read #40: May 2019

My apologies for being slack this week. I know, I know. This post is late. So sorry. I have no excuse. I'm still enjoying being home and not working my butt off so I'm taking a lot of time to chill out. Steve and I are also on a health kick and we are trying to get our health back which really suffered while we were away and working so hard. Lots of time spent exercising. Geez, why can't getting healthy and losing weight require less effort? The lazy person in me protests!!

Here's what I read for the month.

Since I had a bit more time this month I took a few more chances with my reading choices. A few duds in the mix and a few more sort of average reads but generally a good reading month after all.

Sean by Serena Akeroyd is the ninth book in the Quintessence series, and the fourth book in the Quintessence Sequel. Amazing book. This can't be read as a standalone. You need to read the series from the beginning but it's one of my favorite series. Sean was so raw, so eomtional. What a ride! And bonus crossover with the Kingdom of Veronia series where we get to catch up with Perry again.

Amanda Quick had a new book out with Tightrope, her third in the Burning Cove series. As usual, Ms Quick hits it out of the park. This was an interesting one for me because I was not excited about it in the beginning. I struggled with the heroine but by the end, I was a total convert. This book is brilliant.

A few new to me authors which I enjoyed and will likely seek more of eventually. Rogue and Conquering Their Mate by Piper Stone. These books have somewhat dark themes with very dominant men and lots of spanking. They can be somewhat harsh at times. Viking's Claim by Madison Faye was fun, silly, and sexy, and Quadruple Duty by Krista Wolf had All. The. Sex. which fit my mood at the time.

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

Stay tuned for Helen's books next.

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  1. Hi Deanna

    I t is so good to see you getting back to reading and enjoying it and finding new authors that make you smile.

    Have fun


  2. You read quite a few books this month! Happy to see Under Fyre was one of them.

    1. You're not going to be happy with me though. I struggled with some of the themes within the story.

  3. Here goes
    Triggered Response by Patricia Rosemoor. Security Breach #3. Reissues from 2005. I wish Amazon would say!

    2. Dragon Fire by Juliette Cross. Vale of Stars #3. These books and this world get better and better

    3. Before Ben by Cynthia Eden. Wilde Securities #3

    4. House of Rone:Beginnings by Anna Hackett. From Pets in Space Anthology 4 (PISA4). Free sampler. Loved this introduction to the House of Rone new series

    5. Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan. Lucy Kincaid thriller

    6. Proper English by KJ Charles. I don't think KJ could write a bad book. Edwardian Country house mystery.

    7. Tightrope by Jayne Anne Krentz

    8. Soccer Mom by Eve Langlais. Killer Moms #1

    9. Warlord Bounty by Cynthia Sax

    10. Reverb by Anna Zabo. Twisted Wishes #3. .
    11. Syncopation by Anna Zabo. Twisted Wishes #1
    12. Counterpoint by Anna Zabo. Twisted Wishes #2. Anna Zabo is a new to me author and OMG I absolutely loved these books. So emotional, and the characters stayed in my head for days after finishing. I read #3 first as it spoke out to me in the blurb, then had to go and read the first two.

    13. Stalker of Shadows by Jordan L Hawk. Spectr 3#1. I do so love John and Caleb/Gray

    14. Camron by Veronica Scott. Badari Warriors #7

    15. Special Forces : The Spy by Cindy Dees. Mission Medusa #2

    16. Brighton Belle by Sara Sheridan. Mirabelle Bevan #1. Another new to me author. Will work my way through the series. Mystery set in 1951 Brighton

    17. Mission:Her Safety by Anna Hackett. Team 52#5

    18. Slow Ride by Jayne Rylon. Powertools: Hot Rides #2. No-one writes menĂ ge quite like Jayne Rylon. I'm loving this series

    19. The Cowgirls Forever Love by Vivien Arend. Colemans if Whisky Creek #1

    20. Under Fyre by Cara Bristol

    1. Great list this month, Gill. A few I've read too so that's always good to see. I am so looking forward to the House of Rone but I'm behind. I need to read Imperator still. What did you think of Under Fyre?

    2. I loved it. I liked how it resonated with the state of the world today

    3. Oh, I'm glad you did. I struggled with the whole enemies to lovers thing, and all the lying humans.