Monday, April 15, 2019

What Helen Read #35: March 2019

Hello, hello!! I'm home for a couple of weeks and taking it easy for once so I have a little time to catch up on some blogging. I've missed bloggin. I've missed you. I hope you missed me too.

Thankfully, the wonderful Helen sent me her list of books read in March. I missed her list for February and I'm very sorry about that.

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Helen always has a fab reading month. Let's see what stood out for her ...

I read some fabulous books in March and again it is going to be hard to pick the best, but four huge standouts are all dual timeline stories.

The Quarantine Station by Michelle Montebello. What a fabulous book set around the Quarantine station at Manly and two beautiful romances, a must read.

And then The French Photographer by Natasha Lester. OMG! This one is moving, emotional, and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Set during WW2 and 2004, it is another must read.

Then The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer. This one, too, is set during the invasion of Poland by the Germans and what they went through.

Then we have Tea Cooper’s The Woman In The Green Dress set around Sydney and the Hunter Valley in NSW in 1853 and 1919. This is a mystery about an opal to uncover. This one is so well written and pulled me in.

I also loved Courage To Be Counted by Eleri Grace, a WW2 story. So moving and such a page turner.

Again I could go on all of the books I would highly recommend, depending on what you feel like reading from historical to paranormal they are sure to leave you smiling.

Have Fun, Helen.

Well, here's what Helen read. What do you think? Did you read any of the same books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. I do love seeing all of those covers together and there were many happy reading hours in amongst these books, thank you to all of the authors every books was fab

    have Fun


    1. They do look amazing together, don't they? I spent the morning reading and really enjoyed it.