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Review: The Dragon's Appraiser: Part Three by Viola Rivard

Book coverThe Dragon's Appraiser Part 3 by Viola Rivard
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As they fall back into their old routine, Madja begins to wonder if it’s enough for her. Can she really spend her life with a man who will always care more about himself than her?

For all his gold and power, Sevrrn is helpless to protect Madja when she becomes gravely ill. Facing the possibility of her death, he’s forced to reevaluate his priorities. But is it too late?

This is the final novella in an ongoing story and is not a standalone.

I loved the first two parts of this series but unfortunately, this part did not sit well with me. This part did not hold the delight and wonder of the first two parts had for me.

I had a hard time agreeing with the way Magda behaved, and the fact that she sulked and withheld something from Sevvryn that he wanted rather than communicating and talking it through with him. Behaviour like that drives me positively batty.

After all the time that she had spent with Sevvryn and realising that he is such an old dragon who has never had much human contact to understand and deal with human emotions, you'd think that with her intelligence, she'd be able to work through the issues she was having with him rather than ignoring him and punishing him the way that she did, which just confused him more than anything else.

I really felt for Sevvryn in his book because he's trying so hard to sort through his feelings for Magda. He tries to show her how he feels the only way he knows how, and she rejects him or worse yet, becomes apathetic towards him.

Of course, then she decides to go and do something that supposed to be brave and selfless, which to me just comes across as foolhardy. That doesn't endear me to her at all.

Too much of this book centered around Magda and her own selfish desires and the behaviour that revolved around that. It really ruined the ending of an otherwise good story for me.

I loved Sevvryn's behaviour towards the end of the book. It's totally Sevvryn and likely a totally male reaction as well.

I think this is the last installment in the series but I find it hard to tell with the way it ended. The ending was not particularly satisfying.

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authorViola Rivard is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal and fantasy romance. When she's not wowing readers with her werewolves or dazzling them with dragons, she's hanging out with Mr. Rivard (aka, the hairiest man on the planet) and impatiently awaiting the birth of their baby bear, Lachlan.

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