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Author Showcase: Nicolette Hugo

Hello, hello. Please join me in welcoming Nicolette Hugo to the bloggity for an Author Showcase today. It was a bit touch and go getting Nicolette here since she hasn't been well and the evil day job has been in the way. I'm glad you made it, Nicolette. Welcome!

womanI am new to this author game. I started writing in 2014. In truth, I’d been preparing myself to write for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I used to make my own books and magazines and sell them to family members for pocket money, I entered college with the aim to major in publishing (then took a detour down a different path), and there was the reading – mountains of book, a writer’s best teacher. But it wasn’t until 2014 that I sat down to pen my first story. A year later and I have my first two books published and am deep in the writing of my third.

I never expected to write kink. I just thought I’d try pen something sexy – sex sells right? And kink, for me, was the only way to dress it – I like my heroes and my eroticism dark.  But once I started I realized I didn’t want to write safe stories that showcased the tip of the kink iceberg, the whole idea is to explore different flavours, push the reader’s boundaries … and mine.

When you’re new to something it takes some time to understand your place and identity. Now that the first two books are out there, now that I’m almost finished the third, I think I’m finally understanding mine. I write erotic fiction. I write stories and characters that are raw, real and darkly romantic. I hope you try them sometime …

Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself, Nicolette. So interesting how you ended up with writing kink. There's a huge market for it right now. Rock on! Let's find out a bit about your books now, shall we?


Exhibition: Unchained Vice
By: Nicolette Hugo
Releasing September 24, 2015

Buy Links:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo


It's not what you show, it's what you hide...

Grace Cantrell is a self-destructive exhibitionist uncomfortable in her own skin. Jason Wright is a fine-art photographer living life from behind his lens.

When Grace agrees to be the centerpiece for Jason's next gallery show, she unlocks his creative muse and dark sexual cravings. As Grace and Jason come together in a fusion of passion and art, they find themselves slowly breaking out of their carefully constructed cages, forcing Grace to confront the ghosts of her past.

As Jason captures what he most wants on film, can he capture it in real life? And can Grace risk exposing more than just her skin?

Exhibition is a full-length novel in the Unchained Vice Series which can be read standalone by author, Nicolette Hugo.



She didn’t have time to protest; he leaned down and captured her mouth.

Instead of the hard taking she expected, his kiss was languid. His tongue lapped her mouth as it tasted. He took his time savoring her, swallowing the needy moans that escaped when he gave her the air to make a sound.

His hand slipped around to cup her head as she trembled and softened under the rapture of his mouth.

Strong fingers curled, gripping her short hair as he lifted his mouth and pulled her head back. Those painfully beautiful eyes looked down into her face, studying her as she squirmed and panted under him.

Other than his grip, he touched her with nothing but his gaze.

A weight she swore she could feel as it traced her cheekbones, the bridge of her nose, her chin.

He raised his free hand and used one finger to roughly trace her lips, smudging the soft flesh against her teeth before sinking two fingers in to plunder her mouth.
The invasion broke any last defense. Desire came rushing in.
He stroked her tongue, rubbed the taste of him in her mouth as if he was marking her, staking his claim.

When his fingers thrust toward her throat, she struggled against the urge to gag. Saliva pooled in her mouth as wetness bloomed between her thighs.

She groaned around him. His fingers rough and demanding; the taste of his skin saturating her senses. She offered no resistance as he ravaged her mouth.

“You have such a tempting mouth, Kiki,” he murmured as he slowly withdrew. He dragged his wet fingers over her chin and painted her throat.

From full to empty. Achingly so.


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About the author

authorIf love is the drug, sex is the pusher….

Nicolette writes erotic fiction with strong elements of kink. She loves exploring characters that move between light and dark in stories that bruise.

Residing in cosmopolitan Sydney, she lives on a love of indulgence, cats and corsets.

Always happy to talk books you can catch her on Facebook and Twitter.

Author links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads


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  1. Oh these look awesome - my smutty heart loves things to be a little dark. I will have to pick these up.

    1. I know. They look like they will be intense reads.