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Review: Heat by Cathleen Ross

Book coverHeat by Cathleen Ross
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The world’s gone to hell, and Helen MacKenzie's only chance of survival is the two sexy commandos determined to keep her safe by taking her to the newly secured Base.
There's an unwritten rule at the Base where women are scarce. The soldier who finds a woman gets to keep her, only this time two commandos want Helen.

When zoologist Helen volunteers to remain at the zoo to protect the animals until help comes to rescue her from flesh-eating braindeads, she doesn't expect her work colleagues to turn too, thanks to the virus that’s changed her world—and everyone else’s—into a living hell. On the day Corporal Peter Clark and Corporal Adam Tenny rescue Helen, she doesn't know which commando she wants more, until she discovers she can have them both.

Heat is a ten thousand word story that is linked to the novel, Base.

In a world gone mad, what do you do? Why kill a bunch of zombies, then shack up with two hotties, of course!!

We meet Helen in Base, the first book based in this post-apocalyptic world created by Cathleen Ross. In Base, Helen is tired, starved and fighting off braindeads to stay alive as well as protect her baby elephant. There's a fantastic scene in Base where Helen is given the lay of the land, what's what in this new world order and whaddya know, she's totally on board with it. In fact, she's so on board, she's doubled her fun with two guys we find out in this short to be Peter and Adam. There's also an absolutely hilarious scene in Base where something happens to Peter during some sexy times shenanigans. Heat is Helen's story.

I have liked Helen right from the start. I liked her when I met her in Base and I continue to like her now. She is brave, independent and pragmatic in a no nonsense kind of way. She's managed to maintain her sense of humour in this crazy world she finds herself living in. She knows the world has gone to hell and she needs protection. She's okay with that, in fact, she's so okay with it, she's picked herself two hot alpha males to keep her safe. Way to go, Helen!!

Both Peter and Adam are great. Hot, hunky and sexy, oh, and also sex starved, which is exactly what Helen needed to help her get over her ordeal before they rescued her.

This is a quick, short, sexy read. It's great fun and full of laughs. You don't need to read Base, in order to read this story. Ms Ross does a great job setting up the back story for Helen with brevity and succinctness. That said, read Base anyway. You get a very, very sexy Navy Captain in Base and he's worth the read to get to know.

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auCathleen Ross likes to write about the quirky side of life. She thought she was a "Sweet" writer until she was asked to write her first erotic story, sold it immediately and never looked back. Her first novel, Man Hunt sold to Black Lace/Random House. Man Hunt became the number one best selling erotic novel on the Publisher's website in 2006 and has been translated into German. She loves writing erotic short stories. Highlander is the second in her Forbidden Fantasy series along with Take Me and The Lover. Highlander is special to her because she dreamed the story - about a dispossessed Scottish noble named James, who had to fight to get his land back. She followed this up with Highlander in her bed and is currently working on her Highlander series.

She has also sold Psychic Sex and Shift into Pleasure to Harlequin Spice Briefs. Psychic Sex was included in the Naughty Bits Anthology. Finally, she thought she'd better write something her mother could read. Her romantic paranormal mystery, Tempting Trouble, a novel set in a waxing parlor was re-released as an indie, quickly followed by her September 2013 sale of Love, Lust and Lies to Harlequin. Her Demon Prince, an erotic paranormal romance is an August 2013 release.

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